SOULEYE – Hip Hop Medicine


He blended electronic beats and hip-hop, borrowed elements of trip hop and old school rhythms, and began a life-long practice of crossing genres. Instead of focusing on the negative, Souleye takes a circumspect approach that involves processing the negative, accepting the world around you and then looking at how you feel. At once intimate and confrontational, this is Souleye. The new single “Hip Hop Medicine” is now out to cure the diseases of everyone from the shy to the socially distorted minds of the new generation.

Dustin Tavella cooks up the rap remedy for the masses with this totally radio-friendly single. As Souleye have gone through the changes that anyone around this long go through. This sure seems to be a good moment for all that Souleye does. At least this track reflects some life is being enjoyed and work hasn’t stopped. This almost sounds like an old- school number, but there are so many it isn’t always easy to point out where a beat or a rap was picked up and re-worked. I think it’s best to concentrate on the modern side and just call it their own curation of styles. But whatever they landed on here it’s a long-distance runner.

It’s like they honed it for months or years, or pulled it off in one take. It’s hard to know unless you’re there, as studio sessions can go from stale to lively, depending on the circumstances. But this is a relatively flawless cut, with fresh, self-sharpening blade. It has a rejuvenating quality about it that could make it sound new forever, it’s that vibrant. If you like your hip hop on the rap heavy side, and somehow retroactive in every way, this is going to be worth your dollar and your time. If not, maybe it will still turn you onto Souleye for all it’s worth anyway. You can never know anymore what makes artists tick, it could be anything. But judging by the history of Souleye, they’re not losing anything from their steam rolling machine.

“As the world seems out of order,” he “investigates his own inadequacies.” That is how he flows with Souleye to keep bringing something fresh that also pays some homage to his influences, whoever they are. It could be the usual pioneers of hip hop, or even be combined with the Black Eyed Peas of the world. Because there is no one dimensional groove, it’s current hip hop with pioneering values. Make no mistake about it, this doesn’t run at oldie speed, but it doesn’t dismiss his roots either. It’s almost like something came over the whole of Souleye with a shot in the arm of pure freshness. It could also just be that single provide energetic recordings that last, instead of burning out on the full album sessions. There is nothing rushed about it either.

But you can only say so much about one song without stroking the highs and lows, over, and over again. There are only so many words and beats to follow, and it goes by faster than any thesis is going to cover. But that is also some of the magic of it. What makes a song, a rap or straight up instrumental jam so easy to pull off, or hard for that matter. It’s an elusive thing you can’t mess with. And that is something I will never miss about vinyl, and in this case the good ole twelve inch single. And there was usually a b-side and often it would even be b/w a better deep cut to bonus jam on. But in the digital age there are many advantages those who don’t, as well.

Anything good can come out nicely in the wash, so it’s cool to see hip hop thriving like this. There has got to be others to compete with in this demographic, as the way rap always contended a lot. This is one doctor I’d want to see if I were clubbing it up or not. And it’s hard to see anyone turning a deaf ear to the high-level of positive energy “Hip Hop Medicine” contains. It’s truly awesome and should be capitalized on by the second as a new release. And if not here’s hoping there’s another single already being set up to follow. It has that beg for more thing written all over it.

Brion Stephen