Dean Greek – I’m In Love With America


Dean Greek has been tearing up New York streets for a while now, and he has a new rap out called “I’m In Love With America.” And it deals with the good, the band and the ugly of the nation during what are trying times. But it’s a positive message, for those who might expect less from this cool rapper, who also knows how to sing just as well. He’s got buckets of soul to spare, and there are a few other raps to review, as well as this new single that comes with a video to make sure he’s not misunderstood. This is not a political song, it is a love song about America. There is nothing else to read into what he’s rhyming.

This is a rapper who does both pretty-strongly suggestive language in his rapping, but also completely the opposite. It depends on what he’s putting out there, and this is all on the clean side, and can play anywhere rap is enjoyed, from the club, to the house to the car. If you’re not keying in on his lyrics, you’re swaying to the background chorus. And his rhymes are too serious to be funny, but you will crack a smile or too anyway. And that is just part of the underlying groove of this latest track of his. It’s worth seeking and comes highly recommended. But that’s not all there is to Dean, and some other tracks are also worth shopping for. Because as I mentioned he does cross different boundaries. And a good example is on the 2016 rap “Ratchet Chick.” It’s worth looking up for its tell tale of relating to a chick named Ratchet, but maybe it’s every chick. Maybe it’s everyone, and that’s the magic of this totally excellent rap. It’s a track that doesn’t let up until it abruptly ends, which if I were to change one thing about it, the cut off would be a loop instead, that would last another thirty seconds at the very least. But, otherwise I find it to be one of his best.

There’s more, “Whatava” from 2015 is worth watching the video clip of explicit lyrics are your thing. Anyone who is a fan of Dean and reading this, surely does approve and can relate to it all. It’s just music, and it either entertains you or it doesn’t. And although this wouldn’t be a favorite track, you shouldn’t delve into his work without looking-into this track as much as any other. He warns of staying off drugs, regardless of the language used to get his message across. There is no use for another version of this, it just wouldn’t work. Each, and every word is called for, or it wouldn’t be “whatava” it is. He also has “Welcome To New York / Donald Trump vs Ted Cruz” which isn’t as funny as it sounds, in-fact it’s nothing like the title suggests, which is a relief to report. And it’s nothing explicit to write home about either, as it fits more in tune with “I’m In Love With America” if anything. If you play them back to back they mix well together. And that’s where the cream of this review comes to the surface. But if you want more from Dean Greek, try the track “Gully Bop” Feat. Dean Greek – Love Di Gyal Dem. It’s all good in Dean’s hood, but it would be even better if he’d release an EP or compile a full-length album. I’m sure he will, given his time and place.


Mike Tabor