Jupiter in Velvet – In2 the Arms of Love

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Jupiter in Velvet’s signature electro dance rock attack peaks yet again with the release of his newest ten song album In2 the Arms of Love. He maintains the style we’ve heard on this his earlier albums while refining those elements with his strongest musical arrangements, lyrics, and vocal presentations yet. No one can ever question his commitment to turning out quality music. Moreover, he manages to find a balance between pursuing his ends as both an artist and a performer. His capacity to illuminate the potential within himself and us all while still capturing our ear with entertaining music marks him as something much different than your average rock performer. He combines the best of both a modern and throwback approach into something that’s an one of a kind hybrid. In2 the Arms of Love is delivered with passionate earnestness

The title song gets In2 the Arms of Love off to a epochal start. It sends an immediate message that Jupiter in Velvet, once again, is aiming high with his art – this track puts over his unique point of view while the guitar-led arrangement recalls both modern music and iconic acts among his professed influences. “’Till the End of the World” is the knockout blow of a marvelous one-two punch opening In2 the Arms of Love. The lean, jackhammer guitar riffing and primal drumming give this song almost instantaneous tension and Jupiter in Velvet’s vocal performance only accentuates those qualities. There’s a lot of attitude to be heard in these songs as well, but it isn’t the customary empty bluster artists of this stripe so typically offer. Instead, it’s a confidence born of certainty in his direction. Jupiter in Velvet never starts to waver. “How It’s Gonna Be” reveals another side of Jupiter in Velvet’s musical personality for novice fans and will sound a familiar note for the artist’s longtime fans. One of the hallmark strengths of Jupiter in Velvet’s songwriting is his bent for crafting gripping choruses and there are few songs where that comes across better than on “Supercharged”. The phrase alone gives Jupiter in Velvet plenty of grist for his lyrical mill. There’s a great contrast here between the wild eyed quality of the verses and the focus listeners hear in the chorus.

The guitar takes a compositional role on “Carry On” as Jupiter in Velvet serves up a track where electronic touches, instead, take the lead. Jupiter in Velvet’s voice has fantastic flexibility that means he can bring the same voice to both this sort of material and his rockier fare without ever losing anything from the power of his presentation. “Mars Ain’t That Far” has playful passion and greatly entertains listeners thanks to its sound like its about to go off the rails at any time but never does. The last song on In2 the Arms of Love “Walking Thru Time” ends the release on a epic note and makes for a perfect bookend with the much shorter opener. The themes are familiar, but Jupiter in Velvet expresses himself with such finesse that it has the required freshness. This is the sort of album that restores your faith in rock music if you are feeling bleak about its future. Jupiter in Velvet dips his toes in a lot of waters, but he takes on each style with such command over its demands that it never misses the mark. In2 the Arms of Love is the new high water mark for a fantastic career and Jupiter in Velvet shows no signs of slowing down.

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David Shouse