Robert John Nneli


There is a new aspiring musical talent coming straight from the brightest heart of Africa. Robert John Nneli with the debut album “I Give You Glory” which is set to be released in 2017-04-10 Robert Nneli is a bright, talented, rising musical artist. His music reflects his humble roots as a street minister in the streets of Ghana. His main focus as a street minister has brought him to perform for many churches all over Ghana. In addition to his street ministry Robert Nneli has performed for numerous album releases as well as book openings. Robert Nneli’s Album I Give You Glory is an uplifting mix of Dance, Funk, and Reggae, but his talents do not stop there his true talent lies in his love for Saxophone, mixed with percussion instruments and drums he is also a talented vocalist which reminds us of a young Bob Marley, but with his own unique flare and style of his music mixed with African beats and Rastafarian flare.

Robert Nneli’s album “I Give You Glory” showcases his many musical talents. Robert Nneli’s first song “Celebrate Him” which is in the key of G# major is a reflection of the artist’s celebration of faith. This song is a light mix of dance and highlife a style of music indigenous to Ghana and which reflects the beautiful spirit of the people of Ghana. The light percussion and bright melodic tones and uplifting beats of this piece positively reflects the artist’s love for his people and his music. “I Give you Glory” the second song of Robert Nneli’s album in the key of F# major is a dazzling mix of funk and gospel praise and worship. Slow and rhythmic tones intermingled with the artist’s sense of love, faith, and understanding takes you on a journey of the exploration of the inner joy of one’s soul. “Opemuro” third song of the album “I Give You Glory” takes you back to Spanish Harlem. Opemuro which means streets takes you to a place where hope meets the streets in an uplifting mix of dance, hip hop with a unique African flavor. “Chuckwunso” this song which is the fourth installment of this album written in the key of F major is gospel praise and worship mixed with a bright blend of funk written in the native language of Ghana. Even through the language barrier he spreads his message of love and hope for everyone to hear. Song number five “You are the Lord” is an uplifting mix of Reggae and dance written in the key of F# major sings praises of love and kindness a reflection of the artist’s work in street ministry and praise and worship. A simple message of hope and love that transcends all understanding that compassion is the base of true love and understanding. “Your Loving Kindness” is the final song of the album “I Give You Glory” written in the key of F# major is a reflection of Reggae at it’s roots. Robert Nneli reminds us of a young Bob Marley with a faith based flare reliving his message of love and kindness.

The bright tones and melodies of Robert Nneli’s work makes it a joy to listen to. Hopefully his next album will show case more of his talent on saxophone which smooth and gracious tones would be well worth a second album. The last two songs seem like they have the same lyrics though maybe it’s keeping with his underlining theme. Overall Robert Nneli is a fantastic musical artist that is really talented and worthy to showcase his work. Definitely worth waiting for his debut album and excited to see where his work takes him in the future.


Aura L. Stiers