Danny Nardini

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Hip hop’s newest sound is the angst fueled flows of Upstate New York artist Danny Nardini. Danny’s inspiration comes from the burning desire to rectify his family’s break up and spiral downward into poverty. At the age of 14, he was working to support his mother, younger sister and younger brother. Discovering the power of music and rhyme was the pathway out of darkness for his soul and maybe for his family. Emotions born from the harsh realities he faced fill Danny’s lyrics and rhythms with a fierce presence that can’t be denied. The hip hop scene can use Danny Nardni for all he’s worth. “Don’t Act” from the EP, The Major Moves, is chock full of what the EP is all about. That is not to say that the tracks don’t vary, they do, but this-single lights the way in my opinion. The title doesn’t even get repeated too often in-order to fall cliché. It’s a strong sentiment with some good humor and explicit lyrics that don’t go as far as to turn the listener off. There’s a market for such and more, but I listen to less than more explicit music. It more than passes in that department.

Wrap your head around the whole EP and you get this song even more, but as a single it’s enough to bring you toward the EP as well. Being the most moving and obviously most radio-friendly cut it’s the perfect section to assault ears with, which it does, and more. There’s nothing too out of line in these lyrics to steer listeners away, it’s pure fun as he makes a lot of adult suggestions without sounding crass. It’s done with respect in that manner, so it’s appropriate for the track. He’s just keeping it real. If you like loops and cool sound effects, this has all of that and a kettle of chips to go with it. These aren’t the easiest times but this is also not a negative song, it’s very upbeat and smoking all the way. The cover photo goes nicely with the EP cover which is equally stylish. It reaches high marks in the art department but what’s beneath the cover is where it’s really at. This isn’t quite a party song, but it can be either played in the club or at the pool and keep ears going under any circumstances. “More-rowdy than a playpen” in parts, and extremely laid back in other parts. It has all the right grooves.

This is one cool rapper with more to go around than just another rhyme or storyline, he has a mainstream quality, with a hardcore sensibility. These are two hard elements to combine, as they tend to serve opposite purpose. What more can an artist do but run with it, and not look back. I would crank this day or night with no hesitation as it goes on my playlist. It’s distributed all over the world, so it can be found at any music download platform or store on the internet. Search it up and don’t forget to check out the entire EP, because he’s got The Major Moves and major grooves.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7Psex8YZ3I

Todd Bauer