Jaq Lion

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Hip hop artist Jaq Lion has been able to absorb a variety of styles to incorporate into what he does. An eclectic style rolled up into his rhymes allowed for his latest EP, Inaugyouration. A singer that takes inspiration from a variety of places including the opera stage, this unique artist truly brings more to the table than himself. He notes, “I am also able to riff soulfully through notes and words to better convey the emotion in a track.” That emotion can be heard thoroughly as well as on his latest single “Forest Fires.” He’s performed across Los Angeles and Orange Country with High Sunday and Genocide Entertainment. The EP kicks off with “HL in L.A. (ft. Dirty Grin)” and it’s a laid back groovy cut with all the good trimmings. Just the chill tune rap lovers of the romantic sort can dig. The lyrics do get into other areas but it’s still a slow jam for the most part. When he talks about how he can “riff soulfully” he’s not spiffing. He’s got the depth of singer and the spiel of a rapper and they make for a world class artist. The help from Dirty Grin just makes it all the better. It’s there with or without him though. It’s a killer opener and it goes from there with just as much promise. The consistency proves itself in every track.

The next cut, “Beautiful” keeps the low-end groove going and nails another excellent rap. It’s so laid back you can listen to it all day long. Not just a rap but a full-blown love song right here. His voice rolls with the melody like only the great soul and funk crooners of the 70s. But on “Put It Down” things change up and it gets a little explicit but it’s still nothing to throw it off. A rating sticker is a rating sticker. So, this EP is for mature listeners. The cute little ending just goes to show it’s more playful than serious. These are both compelling enough to intrigue for more, so more it is. More explicit factors show up on “Instagram Hoes” and you can only imagine where that’s going. But this one has the most poppin’ beats to it. It gets into everything from hashtags and how they’re used by the girls he either hangs with or doesn’t It’s the most comical point of the disc. And then there is “Forest Fires (ft. Ike Deezl)” which is all about getting loaded and having a good time, which is nothing new on the rap scene. You don’t have to be into that in order-to like it in the music, and every adult should know this. Just a lot more fun to be had for the most part, nothing offensive. It’s all about burning trees down(smoking expression).

“Ode To America” takes it out with one of the more satisfying tracks on offer, with a lot more of that soul contained in the first two cuts. It’s probably my pick for overall best song they’ve added to the mix here. You get some of the classier side of Jaq Lion with one of his better efforts. Lately a lot of artists of all genres have been saving their best song or simply the title song for last, which never used to be the case. It’s not a bad trend because as the record plays out it makes it get better as it goes. This track is worth the price alone, but the others hold up for a solid EP release.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_DU7VIwiOfjUcXGYNZB6iA

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