Luckydabo$$ is originally from the Ivory Coast which is in West Africa. The Ivory Coast is a nation that speaks French. As a young kid, Yovan aka Luckydabo$$ played a few roles in small movies in school and performed as a music artist a few times on stage. Luckydabo$$ has a unique style and he talks about today’s issues that we see in our society. He also brings the good times and rap in French and English. Lucky is also a college student with a major in economics. He also has a certificate in Architecture, real estate. He is an engineering technician and love being an I.T . His lyrics are inspiring, his voice is for the people.

Luckydabo$$ is in a different position than most rappers, he’s in the bi-lingual position of speaking out in two languages, to crossover in both French which is his native language, and English. This gives him an opportunity to be a voice for both cultures, facing similar but often different hardships in life. It gives him a purpose in that area within his music, to express himself about the trying times we face in the world. It doesn’t matter where we come from, Me$$enger speaks loud and clear, with songs of reasonable substance that you can remember the melody and words of.

He’s also the engineer, so the production is spot on for what he’s got to offer both musically and technically. Some of the tracks take knowing French language, but the same could be said about English if this review were in French language. And that’s just one of the things that makes this music difficult but also worth writing about. He could relate to that as easy as anyone can relate to his music, so it’s a compromise worth making. And some of these songs not only contain a positive message, they also rock back and forth with just as much effort as the lyrics he does a good job writing. For instance, the first track comes recommended for its lyrics more than the music, but he worked out every note around it to perfectly match the words. Or, this comes naturally and he does it without even knowing. If that doesn’t describe the finesse he applies, then you can just call it an accident. I’m convinced that a-natural put everything he had into it, rather than found himself improvising on “Go Get It.” But your mileage may vary, if you don’t dig down as deep into as that might take. It depends on what you’re listening for, but this is an epic track compared to most of the others.

“True Story” loses itself easier, but again it depends on what you’re listening for. If I were to choose between the two, the former wins, hands down. But this isn’t bad at all either. But it’s a good thing there’s more to talk about in “Forever” which seems to come to the rescue by the time you hear it, and it sounds out everything it seems Luckydabo$$ needs to bring his music full-circle. This is almost as good as “Go Get It” and is even better if you like featured female guest appearances. “It’s Been A Long Day” and “Friday Night” are my other picks worth checking out. But there isn’t a band tune the Me$$enger is packing. “Chill in the mansion” with it, and a glass of wine.


Todd Bauer