Pot & Kettle

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtpe0rURL38

Electronic-pop duo Pot & Kettle are storytellers first and musicians second, aiming to immerse listeners into a world they’ve never known or one they are all too familiar. Their lyrics expose the rawest of human emotion using intense imagery and popular turns of phrase. No topic is off limits and no one is safe. Gritty, soulful vocals sing topics of rescue, abandonment, courage, fear, depression, heart break, addiction, love and loneliness. Written from personal experiences, Pot & Kettle create music to come alongside listeners in whatever moment of life they exist. “Reckless” is their single. The track is a pretty cool cut for a debut single, unless they have more. But I couldn’t find anything but a short bio and the “Reckless” track, so it’s all about the song and little about the artist. They’re a self-produced act CR Pendleton and Coma Love, with brooding, almost haunting vocal oriented electronic-pop tune. This might fall somewhere between electronica, EDM and Trip-Hop music. But it’s also for the soundscape and new-age spa music lovers. It swings many directions and can be considered any of these genres. But if you don’t like categories, just call it pop, because it does have it.

Being the feature Single for Dark Paradise by Best Selling Author Randi Cooley Wilson is enough to intrigue without even hearing it. But once you do, you can see why it was chosen for something with such a title, because it fits right in with it. The music is dark and the lyrics about being in the dark. This is good cross marketing for both if they take off together. Best sellers are always widely circulated, so between that and the big machine this track could travel very far. It certainly has more mojo that way than it would without being featured this way. But that takes nothing away from it either. You’ll like the way she pleads in the vocals and her overall mystifying delivery of the lyrics. Her soulful voice it all it takes but there is a message and a story behind it. They don’t necessarily have to align but they do, and that brings more to a song than just sounding good with the music. You feel her, as well as hear her. It’s repetitive enough to get inside your head and stay there. On the other hand, it’s only a single, so more from them is in order or the duo can’t be said a lot about. But you have-to start somewhere and I’m sure they didn’t just come out of nowhere, they’re obviously experienced musicians.

The overall weight of the track is lighter than the subject matter, but they meet in the middle for a soothing effect. It’s mostly the vocals that dominate as they come alive in the multi-layered chorus. The production meets all standard requirements for the job as well, as it relies on good engineering to begin with. It depends on how you like your electronic pop, but this is essentially for adult contemporary music lover. Combined with some youthful appeal, there is a general air of perfection to it and Pa & Kettle. With this and the help of some more to come they could make some big noise.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Reckless-Pot-Kettle/dp/B06ZYM5XP3

Larry Toering