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Relatively new on the scene, Elyza is a solo female artist from the Charleston SC area who began her songwriting and singing career in 2013. Her songs, about love and relationships, have a flavoring which she feels is unique to her personality. Currently, her songs are being played in over 131 countries and in all US states, on RadioAirplay.com. Elyza released her first CD, Lovers Tango, in September of 2015. Rainbow, her newest CD, was released April 2017, can be found at CD Baby.com and Apple Itunes. While she continues to write, her dream is to become a name on someone’s record label. Her albums can also be found on YouTube under various artists.

The songs on her second CD, Rainbow, all have something to say in-the area of relationships and the kindness they take to manage. They embody the work of what obviously comes from deep down in her soul. She combines some Caribbean influence with a pop flare on what are some good ole R&B songs for the most part, but it crosses over into some smooth jazz territory as well, to bring together the right musical categories to express herself. And she wastes no time getting started with “Heartbreaker” taking the lead, but a few contenders follow in-the course of it and they all come out in the wash. You just can’t help but compare a few of them to others, while the rest surround them with an even charm. “Praying For A Sign” might not be one of the highlights, but it shows her songwriting prowess and prepares you for more. Alyza hasn’t been recording very long, so her work is still developing on this album. That is all-the more reason to hear both of her albums to get a read on where she’s headed. “Why’d You Do Me That Way” is actually one of the more original sounding tracks even though the title has a familiar ring, it doesn’t matter because this is one of the best tracks on Rainbow. The most interesting track is probably “Lovers Tango” with rain drops and an overall mysticism about it that goes outside of every genre within this album. It’s the most pop-accessible track in the bunch, and that comes as a surprise because it has the least versatility to it, not to mention a seriousness not found everywhere on the album. It sort-of glues it all together for me. But then so do a few others as mentioned. It’s just the most radio-friendly number in which to be measured. And it stands well above what should stand out more in the track “Rainbow” because it just tops it hands down.

“What The Heah” and the final number “Where Did We Go Wrong” both come in as highlights as well, and they bring one of the best moments on the album with it in-between them. “This Fire” itself is a remarkably catchy and rather hypnotic track to say the least about it. That is why Rainbow is a good release, it is arranged in proper succession to know its highs from its lows, and even them out to play so well together. And if what she has brought to the table on this is not enough for you, her first CD can help to fill out the gaps it might leave if- any, to turn you onto this fine up and coming jazzy songstress.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rainbow/id1225976647

Elvin Graham