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There is a great young talented singer song writer Yajur Madan straight from the spicy back streets of Delhi, India. He is on a mission to make the world a better place through his passion of music. Ready to make his mark on the music world Yajur Madan is ready to travel world wide to spread his message of inspiration and hope for the next generation. His main genre which is Indie pop is widely influenced by many talented musicians. Which are the musical talents of Ed Sheeran, Canadian musician Shawn Mendes, Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, and One Direction. He recently released his debut single “Smile” which was realised in September met with much recognition and admiration when it made it’s debut in Delhi. His song “smile” which received the number 3 spot in the nationally acclaimed ratings in India, also claimed the number 1 spot on the charts in the city of Delhi, India and internationally he achieved the top 99 spot on the charts for musical artists on the Global scene. You can find his music on many platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, and ReverbNation. He recently released his newest album “She Knows” in March 22, 2017. Yajur compliments his Music and song writing with his sweet soulful style of vocals. He has performed live at numerous festivals in his home city of Delhi and hopes to one day work with Interscope Records and share his passion for music with the world. He is inspired to use his passion for performance to grow as a musician and help out his community and bring forth global awareness and change. Yajur plans to release more music in the future and hope to be and inspiration to others through his music. His main goal is to share the message of love in this world through his music. Definitely worth seeing what inspiring music he comes up with next and excited to see where the future takes him.

His most excellent song “Good Nights Dream” which is the second song of the Album “She Knows” is a light sweet yet sad love story a mix of Indie Pop with almost folk-like influences which is telling us a story inspired by love and heart break the hopes and dreams that the one he loves and cares about will have someone that loves her and treats her with love and respect. It starts out light with whimsically pattered drums. He is trying to put together the pieces of his broken heart when he knows the girl he is in love with is with someone else. He’s just a man of the stars looking up he hopes and dreams she will be there. The melody of the song is a sweet and light. The song with bright tones and melodies that anyone that has hoped to love but lost that one love would come back with heart felt longing he hopes that she finds love but wishes and dreams that he was the one in her life, so he looks up to the stars and wishes that she made the right choice. Filled with longing and hope it leaves you hoping that maybe one day the dream that he lives for in his heart will work out, but he always holds on to that hope.

Other songs on Yajur Madan’s album “She Knows” A little light song called “Color Pink” Starts with a high pitched guitar introduction. Phases into the vocals no matter how imperfect our lives may seem it is what makes life that much more precious. And they like the color pink it symbolizes love they share. Even though their lives are not perfect they have each other to share and grow together. It’s a simple message of love they are connected by the stars in a universal consciousness even though their lives are simple and they even eat out of the same plate because they don’t have much they are happy with the simple connection of love. They dream of the perfect love even with simple lives. Definitely influenced by Folk and a little taste of soul with little high tones accentuated by bright notes. It brings a simple message of love and hope that they are connected by the stars of the same constellation. “Dancing Under the Moon” Starts with a simple dance in the moonlight. With a ukulele intro. They love and dance and it’s a story of love and happiness. It’s a beautiful story of love filled with bright light tones again light and blissful accented with high notes. The style again very easy to listen to. Very fun and simple yet light. It’s simple sweetness really just draws the listener in to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. “Smile” which is the first song of the album “She Knows” Starts off with a high toned stringed guitar then blends into a medley of soulful vocals again the song is about love and no matter how hard things might be if you stay together it is easier to get through the struggles of life. The intro is a great melody Indie pop style sweet bright notes with soulful singing a good mix for a sweet night spent with someone you love. Keep your happiness in life. No matter how hard things get try to smile because it makes life easier and it keeps things light. Overall it’s a Great album if you love bright high tones and Indie pop flavor with folk like story lines. Definitely a positive album with a positive message of hope and love despite all the darkness in the world love can change it all it’s a great message and a great album the musical artist really cares about his work and it will be fantastic to see what else he comes up with in the future.

REVERBNATION: https://www.reverbnation.com/yajur

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