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Multi-genre music producer, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, graphic designer and music educator Davy Brown is one of the three masterminds behind ZupaNova’s success. His guitar playing, along with his piano and bass playing are enough for a one-man band. But he comes with Rawcel, and he is no new comer to the scene. They’re headed up by singer Kimala, and she makes it all come together for a sizzling hot team that is keeping their releases distant enough to grow as they do. The two singles so far are “Energy” “Where Dat Weed At” and they are as varied as they sound, but that’s their strength.

Kimala is the first thing you notice whether you watch their videos or not. Her voice is first rate, she is a world class singer. But that doesn’t mean she is your cup of tea, however, any self-respecting critic should know the points of difference and tell it like it is. She stands out with the best in her field. That being said, she has her good pals to go with it and they are good but they haven’t released enough yet to go around calling them the next Black Eyed Peas just yet, and “W.D.W.A.” is where they test that and their whole market. As it contains little to nothing in the way of the same stuff as their previous single.

If you go back and compare the two, you’d never expect this single to come out of them, and that’s some of the beauty of it, and if that is progress to them then so be it. But to start with I recommend listening before watching videos because they can limit a song before you even hear it. Not the case with ZupaNova because the music is designed for visuals, so it doesn’t matter which order to consume them in. You might like both equally or prefer them separately, but in this case either one works for me. They both cut the same level of musicianship but just a different overall theme, which sets them galaxies apart.

“Where Dat Weed At” is the incendiary one of the two, with it being about marijuana. The guitar parts are smooth and clean, and the song isn’t bad at all for what it’s worth in showing the chops of Davy Brown. There’s no questioning his talents and all, but it is limited to an adult audience. That’s it’s only drawback, but it makes the statement they’re trying to make, so more power to them. It’s a gutsy move after their first single, which also brings-to mind the mention of suggesting an EP with several songs on it. Singles used to come as EP’s with at least three tracks on them all the time. But their new single does raise these questions.

Their first single was a whole lot more accessible but maybe it didn’t get what it deserved and now they’ve changed. They’re both great for different reasons, so there’s no loss. If it were full-length albums they were making it would really stand out as a departure from “Energy’ which can be seen on YouTube as well “W.D.W.A.” You’ll get off on them in either succession, but the latter is recommended for freshness. Their first single is recommended for the infectious groove that won’t quit and is much easier to dance to. I’m intrigued to hear what’s next, and that’s the best part, and why I’m glad I heard both tracks.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/zupanovaofficial

Mike Tabor