The Riot – ‘Love Makes Me Crazy’


This band is very upbeat in this song. It catches your attention with its thundering lyrics and the nice voice of its lead singer. Also the where the song pauses in the lyrics and includes mostly instrumentals is really on par. The cover photo of the song is on par too. It is a nod to the genre. The photo first draws your attention to an arm with a black leather bracelet and the black guitar that is slung underneath. Then your eye moves passed the arm to a torso of the owner of the arm who is wearing a black leather belt. The viewer can only see the torso of the person, his guitar, and his all black ensemble. It must be a picture of Paris Tompkins, the lead singer and the songwriter for the group. He moved to Los Angeles to begin his music career and led him to join The Riot; the band is currently still located in LA. The band is of the Indie Rock persuasion and that really comes out in their hit song, Love Makes Me Crazy.

Love Makes Me Crazy begins with a slow guitar introduction. Then the sound of the guitar dims a bit and in comes accompanying vocals and drums. This works to really pull the listener in fast. Love makes me crazy is as the title suggests, a love song. “Oh my lord, woe is me, the light’s blown out and I can’t see,” is one of the more powerful lines in the song. Along with “I’m already not the sanest man, but love makes me crazy even more than I am.” Both of these lines really define the song and make it stand apart from other love music. These lyrics also reveal the beat and the sound of the song, with five word sentences making the song catchy. The music picks up with these lines and is joined by clapping to make for a tune that stands out even more. The song focuses on these lines for awhile then moves to the idea of the location of the subject in the song getting out of where ever they are stuck at. But he argues back. His reply isn’t that he is settling, but merely that he cannot get out, because of circumstances. Which really is an additional interesting add on to the song and it’s plot, is he not leaving this town ultimately because the love of his life is there?

About halfway through the song there is a part where there is mostly yelling which adds to the stress relieving felling of the song. The ending of the song it really slows down with added laughter, claps and snaps and creates a nice sounding conclusion. It really eases out at the finish. This song really encapsulates love. Especially with the lines that stand out. Love does truly make a person do things that are out of the ordinary for them and perhaps just out of the norm for anyone in general. The song really drives this point home and makes for great listening too.


Maxine Summers