Steve Hutchinson – This August Night


Co-founder of UK’s premiere Moody Blues tribute band, Blue Onyx back in 2006 Steve Hutchinson is well versed when it comes to music and performing. Ray Thomas, retired founder member of the Moody Blues even called Steve’s voice “great” after seeing him perform. However, when that came to an end several years later, he decided he had to continue-on with music. Come 2014 he dropped a couple records, including a Christmas album. Now he’s back with his latest, This August Night. “Timeless Wonder” reached the semi-finals of the 2016 US Song of the Year.

This August Night has 12 tracks, all with something a little different to offer within the same groove. They don’t vary much but they do stick together well with their own power to heal, sooth and work their magic however they can. Getting to the semi-finals for US Song Of The Year is nothing to balk at, so the opening track should deliver and it turns out that it does and then some. There’s a few reasons why this song works, the first being his ability to cut in with some outstanding vocal breaks, and then there’s the addition of the sax and the overall mood changes that bring it together to make it a hit.

A few other tracks stand out, and “This August Night” is one of them, in which the title track establishes itself apart from the rest of the record. There’s nothing else like it to be heard among the rest of the album, but it doesn’t hurt it one bit. And while it’s not quite the track the opener is, it still comes in somewhere between it and a few other I’ll get into. This isn’t pop, it isn’t rock, but it does have a space-rock feel to it, and that’s the only way to describe it. The keyboards are featured, containing a few textures that are also visited more than one place on the album, which I like the addition of.

“Going For The Gold” is the next track to praise for its overall excellence in every way. This is another song that could win him accolades if only heard to present it. Falling through the cracks is where most of the best music goes, and that’s just too bad because this is another song he worked out to such an advantage. Not hearing it is a crime, and that’s all I can say about it. There isn’t a team in the world that couldn’t relate to this number. It would sit well as any team’s tribute song. It might seem cheesy to the next, but only so many relate to all art forms, and that is what this song is really dedicated to.

“Life Begins At 50” gets a mention for its playful structure which leaves you remembering it before you’ve even heard the whole track. It radiates of the same vibrancy levels as the other featured in this review. It’s all very positive for the most part, with a few slower-paced tracks to balance the album out, and the title track “This August Night” and the instrumental “August” don’t seem to find any relation to each other besides the month of August, but they both show exactly how diverse the album really is. And that is just another cool thing about Steve Hutchinson and this release.


Mike Tabor