Brent Daniels – Party at the End of the Road


“Party at the End of the Road” is the newest single from Brent Daniels’ impressive debut Every Road Has a Turn and, while his upcoming second album is soon to be reality, it’s clear that the promotional effort behind his stellar first release hasn’t ended as well. This latest single features all of the attributes that make Daniels one of the most promising figures on the modern country scene today and an attractive collaborator for a number of Nashville’s most prized musicians. This is a bit of the mix that makes “Party at the End of the Road” such a potent brew and the professionally shot footage utilized as video accompaniment matches its high musical quality. It’s an all around sharp production that reminds us how good his debut is while priming our ears for future greatness. Brent Daniels is the real deal and will be with us for some time to come.

It’s a perfect example of video and song coming together with one enriching the other. The simple, straight ahead staging of the video conforms well with the equally no nonsense musical arrangement and vocal from Daniels. Editing for the video adopts the standard jump cut method of assembling the footage, but it doesn’t come off as a typical affectation and, instead, lines up pretty well with the song’s movements. The lighting isn’t nearly as hyper-active and, instead, adds light atmospheric touches that enhance the viewing experience just enough. This less is more approach to presenting Brent Daniels’ song underlines its most effective elements and draws attention to his qualities as a live performer. Daniels and the band are definitely working with the album version of the song, but there’s no doubt there that we’re seeing an exact representation of his live act. If that is the case, Daniels’ live appearances are only going to become a bigger and bigger part of his attraction for fans. He stalks the stage with an energetic strut and engages his body with the music in a way that’s never overstated.

The thumping backbeat and rhythms driving “Party at the End of the Road” makes all of it possible. It’s a fiery track that doesn’t pretend to be anything else than what it is – an unabashed ode to the joys of having a good time. Everyone, no matter where they grew, knew a life like this or knew people who did – the universal resonance of the song is inescapable and remains one of the choice elements of any song with wide spread popular music appeal. The lead guitar punctuating the songwriting gives it a bite that it otherwise would lack – Daniels has a voice with the grit to match it and these crowning parts make this song the gem it is in the end. “Party at the End of the Road” is a romping, rugged example of the good times and entertainment that Brent Daniels brings with his music and it promises an even more entertaining future to come.


Lance Wright