Dynamos – Shake, Rattle, and Roll

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“Shake, Rattle, and Roll” brings listeners a rampaging platter of rock music that’s in short supply these days and it’s delivered with polish and finesse as well. Dynamos, a five member outfit based out of the Los Angeles area, The new single follows their debut recording, an EP entitled Cold Comfort, and shows a band that’s literally growing exponentially with each new visit to the recording studio. The song title implies that this might be some retro throwback, but it’s anything but. “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” is presented with all of the dynamics one would expect from a band so named as well as a wallop of soul that few other acts could match. Lead singer Nadia Elmistikawy comes across as a force of nature over much of this song, but she’s a lot more than just some powerful pipes – there’s technique galore in what she does and hits on some genuinely emotive moments in the song.

It’s truly an impressive performance. Elmistikawy doesn’t dominate the song, but she clearly leads the way by giving a voice to the mood conjured by the instrumental performances and lyrical content. Her range allows her to follow a similar dynamic line to the musical performance – she matches all of the crescendos, the dips in intensity, and the ferocious bite that they are able to bring to bear without once ever betraying a hint of strain or self-indulgence. Her phrasing has dramatic value that we appreciate in all great songs, regardless of genre. Elmistikawy gets inside of this deceptively simple and straight-forward lyric with the skill of a highly musical actress and the content ends up sounding like something ripped straight from her personal life. Moreover, and perhaps her greatest achievement, but she shows a clear instinct for when she shouldn’t sing and, instead, let the music do the talking instead.

The music speaks well for itself – for sure. The two guitar attack of lead player Jacob Mayeda and second guitarist Carlos Barrea takes a while to fully announce their presence, but they influence the track from the start and never relinquish their hold on the mix. They are ably supported by a rhythm section of drummer Ian Nakazwa and bassist Nick Schaadt. Schaadt, in particular, strikes down hard on a delicious bass groove that, in concert with Nakazwa, gives the song so much of its powerful swing. There’s an ample amount of power coming from the four players as well. Mayeda switches up nicely from blistering, blues-infued lead lines into straight ahead power chords and meaty barre chords for a well-rounded six string attack while rhythm guitarist Barrea gives him an layered foundation to work that sort of magic. “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” continues the memorable work listeners found on the EP Cold Comfort and expands Dynamos’ reach into the modern music world. This is a band that will seduce and bulldoze you at the same time – but always with a plethora of style.

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Shannon Cowden