Monsieur Job – Chow Chow Eyyy Pow Pow


Toby Holguin from Cali, Colombia, Stan Kolev from Sofia, Bulgaria, Charlie Illera from Barranquilla, Colombia, and Leo Jaramillo from Bogota, Colombia, together are Monsieur Job. They all come from live bands and Toby, Stan, and Charlie spin records as DJs constantly for different pools and venues around the world. They were working on an album and agreed to start dropping broken beats with a more festive, shaky, groovy Caribbean Latin flavor, turning it into an international exclusive mash up of world talents involving a long list of artists to make their debut single “Chow Chow Eyyy Pow Pow” a universal hit.

The groundbreaking track comes along in time to re-create genres and bring them back by mashing them together into one great tune that never stops giving. It’s no use trying to explain what the track is about, without knowing Spanish, but it makes no difference on-the whole to any passionate music fans of the world, especially if you’re into Urban Music, Chill Out and Electronic Music. Specifically, a wide range being reinvented, such as Dancehall, Reggae, Dub, Tropical House, Rock, Chill Out, Rap, Trap, Hip Hop, Worship, and Son Montuno involving Afro Cuban and African Succu rhythms.

You can’t sit still, as within seconds you’re up and dancing across the floor, or rocking to the beat however you do. It’s a festive tune and there’s no arguing that, whether you’re bi-lingual or not. You’ll feel qualified to dance and that’s really where it succeeds, but DJ’s and musicians will want to have their two cents about it. They’ll approve because it’s done by the like-minded and who better to rate than those with the same talents. It’s like doing the rappers rap or being the musician’s musician. There’s so much talent stacked up on this it’s hard to know where to begin about them all.

Even with names like Kiño, Luis Carlos Toro, Alejandro Gomes Caceres, Sarah Sophia, Elemece, Thiago, Christian Gimenez, Vojke Djans, Diego Caceres, Oscar Moncada, Denis Dzigal, Cholo, Vick D, Mc Lions & Bingi, Kid Corrupt, Dave Floyd, Nacho Alvarez, Pablo Bendov and Aldo Cadiz involved, it’s easy for anyone to get lost unless behind the scenes already keeping up with this project. As you can read, that is quite a few to mention but all getting their two cents in the ring, but some of them perhaps more in the case of token-featured 90sstar, singer of No Mercy’s – “Marty” Martin Cintron.

With anyone like that up-front, the rest could go unnoticed if not mentioned, so it’s just as well when you can’t describe the lyrics anyway. At least you can tell who’s on the track and get an idea of the amount of work that went into it. The project was created and led by Basswalk Latino’s executive head; Jose Fernando Holguin, the man able to get it to the world, and it was recorded in Bogota and Miami at said Basswalk Studios, also Outta Limits Studios in Miami, and Barba Studios in Belgrade and mastered at Sterling Studios, New York. If that doesn’t impress, the song itself will have-to do, and it does.

Jeff Turner