Kim DeVine – Broken Bird (Klvr Grl Remix)


Singer/songwriter and the most recent voice behind JELL-O’s national jingle campaign and who previously toured the country in a musical webisode series titled “Kim & Seana,” sponsored by Ford Motors, Kim DiVine’s new album “This Time Around” debuted at #8 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart and continues to sit on the Recent Releases’ Bestsellers list. In the meantime, she’s gone through tough times and is now using the music to heal the wounds of several close losses after becoming a mom but not before recording the album. It’s enough to both concern and confuse anyone, but her story is told in her bio.


After much to be said about her recent past, the new single is “Broken Bird (Klvr Grl Remix)” and it goes a long way in describing how she feels before and after the original recording. It plays on both emotions instead of just one, which brings the track full circle, especially for those who like hip hop and electronica on their singer/songwriter tunes. That’s how it looks because that’s exactly how it sounds. But it’s always up to the listener to decide what it’s all about, it’s just that the remixing game plays another role altogether here. Klvr Grl is no run of the mill producer, he’s also a drummer who makes the song another song.

Her voice is simply to die for and that stands out more than anything, but Klvr Grl’s re-mix is on another astral plane which soars over the original arrangement to maximum heights. The lyrics get saved by her voice cutting through the beats and that leaves double the power of her voice to carry it, and that’s not as easy a feat on Klvr Grl’s end of the spectrum. Re-mixing is usually a case of changing the sound to suit whatever it may be, but Klvr Grl doesn’t stop there, he’s on another technical level than most producers, and worth looking-into himself if you’re into what he does on “Broken Bird.”

It wouldn’t be fair not to review just one version of the song without being able to express any differences, especially with this type of re-mix where a lot more than knob twiddling is going on. But the two never compete, so the job of adding something new without disguising it any is well done. Instead of an acoustic guitar it’s like Kim DiVine is in a room full of electronic devices or something, if that describes the difference between the two mixes. Either way you slice each song they come out on top, and you can’t get her amazing voice out of your head once you hear it. You’ll only want o hear more where it came from.


The lops and droning effects that Klvr Grl goes all over the place and back with, help to show the many ways to work with her voice, because it seems to be able to go in just as many directions, although mostly contained in this song. It’s written all over her voice no matter what she sings, and that’s the point. If not for her voice, there’d be words and music, but the words could sound like anyone else, as so many singers do, and Kim DiVine does not. There’s only one, and one of-a kinds are the best. Klvr Grl is also a one of-a kind, and they meet in the middle on this out of sight re-mix.


John Birch