“Mother” by Sleep Machine


The first thing that runs through the mind when you hear “Mother” by Sleep Machine, is where have they been all your life. The duo of Dan Kalisher and Alisha Zalkin have a sound to behold, with Kalisher himself providing spot on production duties. The new self-titled forthcoming record comes packed with energy not found today without otherwise looking very hard. They have something exciting, new, and inviting about their sound and overall musical direction that others can take a page from.They’re a new breed of the old tried and true formula that is all but missing in the last decade.

That’s a tall entry but once you hear “Mother” for yourself, it’s a no-brainer. They shine brightly with all the bells and whistles any high-profile band should have, with all the heart and soul of any hungry musician burning within the industry. This is not an indie sound, it’s ready for the world and past all music development. But it’s a live spirit they have that grows with every note you hear, so they are going places and that is the overlying consensus without tapping into too much. But tap into more you will, once “Mother” gets ahold of you and attacks the senses.

At first it starts to almost come off with a southern vibe which there could be more to than meets the eye, but it goes from there to the other side of the blues-rock. It’s a powerful and pulverizing sound they make, and that’s before you can even sink into what the song is about. “Mother” simply bombards your senses and leaves you wanting nothing but more of the same.There’s something for everyone in Sleep Machine. And if you can’t find it you’re not looking in the right places.

The chord sequence Dan Kalisher lays down at the outset is subtle but effective for what follows, and that only sets things up well. It grows with the right pace before it reaches out and grabs you with all the rights stuff. Look for more single releases coming each month this year from the new album. 5 Stars for sure!

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4WJkJHLbrctrie4IlTzp90

Photo credit Lauren Fontaine

Todd Bauer