Annamaria – Affection


“Affection” (now available via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon & more), NYC based Singer/Songwriter – Annamaria, is getting ready to hit the ground running as she continues to conquer the NYC music scene and beyond, taking her to the ends of the musical landscape. That is where anyone would be headed with such a hot single release. Annamaria may not be a star yet, but she’s proven she has everything it takes in the singing and musical backing departments on this smoking track that sizzles as much as it soothes. All that and she’s only 17yrs old, so the only direction to go from here is up.

Being influenced by an assortment of pop artists like Christina Aguilera, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Demi Lovato, and Tori Kelly can somewhat limit anyone one on the surface, but she puts them together without sounding like anyone but herself in the process. This is a vastly original song, but she does let her favorite artists be known by making no secret about them to her audience, as press currently runs. The song delivers on the same level of greatness these artists have managed to accomplish, which shows she listens up to world class talent to reach her own singing/songwriting prowess.

“Affection” also crosses over for adult contemporary lovers who like cutting-edge pop as well. It’s hard to express how good something is beyond a line or two to give it way, but this track makes your mind up for you. It’s undeniably awesome, and so is Annamaria. It sets the tone up for what’s to come from her as the future holds all the promise in the world, and an album full of this quality singing and music. It’s not hard to agree or I wouldn’t be so adamant about that, but it’s where this track leaves me. I couldn’t see that getting too much argument from any pop fans, and that includes all existing in the diversified genre.

Once you hear her voice, you almost swear you’ve heard it before. And that’s a mighty good place to start. Her voice has the natural qualities of any veteran on the scene, and that might help indicate what I’m trying to say about how guaranteed this single is. It breaks demographic barriers and that’s a tall order for anyone’s debut, especially for only being 17. It just gets better as it goes, leaving not a slivers worth of criticism about it. This is how pop should be sounding as the era keeps on, at least that is one good way to describe it. Who wouldn’t want to be in that position, is the ultimate question.

There’s a big bright light shining down on Annamaria, and this is latest track is just the ticket for showing where that comes from as she pairs with Emmy Award-winning producer/singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eren Cannata (son of Billy Joel saxophonist Richie Cannata), to top off all the impact this is fortified with. It only adds more proof to the mix, that this is a premiere up and coming singer/songwriter to watch for. I’m glad I heard Annamaria, and “Affection” is better than what most pop and soul artists are coming up with in NYC and anywhere else in the nation for that matter.


Sebastian Cole