At Pavillon – All Eyes on You


At Pavillon has notched their most impressive achievement yet with their latest single “All Eyes on You” and the video released along with the song underlines At Pavillon’s excellence with this new tune. It’s as complete of a package as the band has yet released and amply shows the songwriting powers of the band are rapidly expanding and more than match the natural charisma that comes across from their performances. They are configured like a traditional rock four piece with a vocalist/rhythm guitarist in tow, but they upend listeners expectations thanks to their insistence on bringing a distinctly pop, even lightly funky, sound to their songs that guarantees they can exert widespread rather than niche appeal. Casual and hardcore fans alike will gravitate to their work without reservation and this definitely seems like the single certain to send them over the top in regards to their popularity.

The band plays like a true, traditional band. This isn’t any sort of artificial studio confection and instead has a live, intimate quality that will win over a lot of the listeners. The live quality in their sound is strongest in the interplay between lead player Bernhard Melchart and drummer Paul Majdzadeh-Ameli. Ameli’s playing, especially, gets a recording treatment that helps make the song such an enjoyable romp from the outset and the guitar playing from Melchart and lead singer/rhythm guitarist Mwita Mataro sparks with a genuine sympathetic exchange dancing like groovy quicksilver over the drums. There’s much about this song that has straight up traditional rock appeal with a herky jerky, churning twist and the funk influences infiltrating the rock configuration are impossible to ignore. They make for an even more enjoyable listening experience and the mix excels most of all during the chorus and bridge.

The band’s lyrics for the tune don’t make excessive demands on the listener while still retaining enough distinction to set them apart from other bands and performers of this type. “All Eyes on You” is a real winner musically, but the vocal presentation is clearly important to their songwriting considerations as well and has a natural feel equal to the instrumental performances. The backing vocals are very helpful to getting this song under listener’s skin and will definitely have a lot of live appeal for the band. This song is sure to be a big hit on radio and streaming services, but it’s a song clearly built for immediate addition to the band’s live set and will undoubtedly prove to be a highlight of the band’s shows. There’s going to be a lot of new shows added to their already busy live schedule thanks to the excellence of this track. At Pavillon are clearly aiming to elevate themselves to the next level and “All Eyes on You” shows they have plenty of talent to make that happen. This is a bold new step into their future and it’s made with absolute confidence.


Sebastian Cole