Conceptz drops new single


Conceptz’ sojourn through the hip-hop underworld has been a long and winding one. With humble beginnings in 2011 and an underappreciated lead-off release (Roll it up) to the Grammys’ red carpet, multiple hit mixtapes and remixes of popular rap singles (Gucci Mane, Tony Toni Tone and Wiz Khalifa to name just a few) and a business merger with Danie Cortese Entertainment Inc., the brother duo of Conceptz has truly skyrocketed to success on their on terms and in their own way.  They’ve released 10 popular music videos that have appeared on some of the biggest, most popular networks like MTV, VH1, Revolt and Aspire, and the freewheeling hip-hop team is on the cusp of releasing their hottest single yet, “Fall.”

“Fall” is a collaboration between the guys in Conceptz and Cassidy WIZ. This track is a fast-paced, fast-talkin’ and fast-flowing affair brimming over the top with rhymes that fire off so quickly that it’s hard to keep up unless you have a scorecard.  Rapid fire lyrical swaps, competitive call n’ response and change-ups between who’s taking the foreground and who’s guarding the background, make for a very snarling, sizzling affair that leaves the pop hooks to Nelly and other more radio friendly rhymers.  The song moves from swift, bone-crunching verses back by taut programming, beats that won’t quit and incisive vocals/lyrics before the chorus takes it up a notch further.  This is full-tilt towards the meaner, street smarter side of the style and Conceptz’ understand how to make this kind of stuff the most visceral it can be without coming off like it’s a front or an act.  Instead of asking you to join up with their vision and party, these two bark at you and command you to move like drill sergeants and the lyrics are tough, gritty and unfiltered but not to the point of seeing how many filthy words that they cram into their sonic, hip-shaking mixture.  When the grooves nail you, they nail you and this is going to be the perfect spring/summertime single to ignite celebrators to sing-a-long as loud and unapologetically as possible.  If stacked up against several of the duo’s other big singles like “Funky 5,” “Fall” feels like the roughest tumbler of them all and it’s sure to inspire some people to really get up and strut the stuff in the live setting.  Speaking of concerts, Conceptz are planning a fall/winter tour through 2018 and have already shared the stage with larger than life icons like Ghostface Killah, Earl Sweatshirt, Kool G Rap and Heltah Skeltah.

This is a single that should be missed by any serious fans of hip-hop, especially those that prefer the more raucous and rowdy underground scene. With an edited version prepared for radio, “Fall” is sure to become a huge crowd pleaser that will win Conceptz a whole new legion of frenzied, dedicated fans.  They’re already on their way to world domination with the work they’ve done so far and one can only hope that they’ll keep carrying the torch far into hip-hop’s future.


Sebastian Cole