Julian Morgan – Company

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With his latest hit “Company” tearing up the radio charts at Sirius XM, Hot 97, Power 105 and more. The up-and-coming R&B/Soul Star gets ready for his next Live Show in the heart of the concrete jungle, at the Mercury Lounge on April, 11th, 2018. The young talent has already garnered a ton of praise with his hit new track, which has seen him interviewed on Sirius XM’s Shade 45, New York’s Hot 97 with DJ Drewski and Power 105.1FM, and over 38 Hip-Hop/R&B stations nationwide! That’s a lot of stations which leads to a lot of exposure on top of the airplay, and something to be proud of by today’s measures.

The best way to find out what this smoking hot single is all about, is to stream the video online. But then just pop the headphones on and let the audio sink in and do its own major magic. It’s an equally great way to hear this as cruising around for a ride while catching it on Sirius XM. And Julian’s fans already know where to access him, but this review centers around pointing Julian Morgan out to wider audiences as he builds his already strong fanbase. This video is Directed by WillC & Mike and produced by Eric Sfoglia and Prepared Records, Inc. And that goes to show some of the talent he also works with.

The video keeps to activities in the studio during the song, to show how the recording process worked and what little but cool things there are to see during that time. But audio is the main treat, always, so it’s the song that counts more than anything, and this single track is a monster hit of the colossal magnitude. The world needs more Julian Morgan’s to go around and bring back what’s not been going on for too long now, and that’s romance and sensual music. It’s only found by the veterans of the form, but artists like Bruno Mars and others have helped get it back into the right minds of the industry, and Julian Morgan falls into that category of them.

The future tells all, and by the likes of what this performing and recording artist is brining, there’s no place to go up upward and onward with singles like this. It makes you want to hear anything and everything you can by Julian Morgan, and it keeps you in that mode long after listening to it. This is something watching videos cannot provide, and that is where it separates the purpose of listening and watching. You get the best of both worlds here though, and that’s one of the best point a video clip lends to a song, and this one is no exception to that rule. But it does the business it’s suited for, and that is why videos are a necessity, even if to some an evil one.

“Company” lasts the duration with or without the video, but there’s another video if you want to see that as well, which I found by looking for more after seeing this great piece. The luxury of the internet is a recommended mechanism for just about any artists music to be found at the touch of a button, and it’s honestly like the new generation of radio, so don’t hesitate to use it when it comes to Julian Morgan, and make sure to see him if you’re in the NYC area this April 11th at the Mercury, to help him celebrate the release of this great new single. It’s undeniably fantastic.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18JU2-alVkA

Sebastian Cole