King Errisson – One Love Shines


The timelessness of King Errisson’s “One Love Shines” is another impressive high point in a musical career going back a number of decades and boasting a résumé shared by an elite few musicians working today. Errisson has spent significant time around a virtual who’s who of popular music in the last half century plus – Neil Diamond, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, and Marvin Gaye, to name a few, have employed Errisson at some point to further enhance their own legendary recordings. Errisson has experienced success as a solo artist and the evolution of his own songwriting has carried him from halcyon days of disco funk during the 1970’s all the way through to his jazz, Caribbean influenced pop, and funk streaked efforts of today. There’s tremendous musicality powering this new single and those aforementioned influences percolate near the surface of the recording while Errisson delivers a seldom heeded, but equally timeless message.

The message has eternal relevance and beautiful simplicity. “One Love Shines” believes that our struggles as a species would disappear if we came together as one global community and, while it doesn’t lay out some sort of road map for the necessary revolution to make that happen, that’s not King Errisson’s job as a songwriting. His duty is to share his heart, entertain, and inspire listeners with his high level of craftsmanship that enriches our experiences. It may be socially conscious music, but it concerns itself with the personal rather than headlines and much of its timelessness comes from that. The musical strengths of the song, however, certainly share that same timelessness. Listening to the song for the first time reminded me, oddly, of Van Morrison’s penchant for solidly arranged R&B numbers with a lot of polish and a hard swing. There’s less of a hard swing propelling “One Love Shines” and more of a tightly arranged lope reminiscent of island music, think reggae, while effectively mixing it with horns and a smattering of guitar./ The tempo picks up for some parts of the song’s second half and Errisson serves up a deliciously effective chorus as well.

The vocals are lucky to have excellent lyrics they can base their performance from. These are far from the typical placeholder words common to many tunes of this ilk, but Errisson tackles them with the same loose-limbed assurance we hear in the music. He has an appealing amount of authority coming across through his singing and never has to reach for it; instead, he has a easy swagger from the first line on that sounds like a veteran singer confident in his abilities and where he wants to take the song. “One Love Shines” is a memorable single from a performer and songwriter who’s been contributing much to our musical heritage for the last few decades and continues to possess both the talent and drive to turn out five star work.


Shannon Cowden