Sirens – I Believe


Sirens is a three member band from DC who just released their latest single entitled “I Believe” in 2018.

Three members in union musically and vocally with synergy, this is what Sirens deliver. “I Believe” is a powerful enough track within its own right that gleefully dances up and down the spectrum of modern-day pop-rock with hints of electronic based alternative rock. The band consists Steve Kinzer (Keyboards), Josh Barnhart (drums) Jake Barnhart (vocals/guitar). With Sirens you can expect an impassioned Indie pop-rock trio that touches on many different styles of music. From its onset, an original blender of sound mixing bands like Cage the Elephant, Imagine Dragons and Walk the Moon, this piece never really lets it guard down. Just shy of 3.5 minutes this latest single gives the listener awe-inspiring lyrics coupled with industry standard playing, pro level songwriting/production strokes meshed with soulful goodness. The single pretty much hits on all cylinders. Despite this Sirens deliver a relatively conservative sound with a strong emphasis on sick beats and vocal melody. The musicianship and vocal presence of all three members present the perfect musical backdrop for just sitting back and jamming out or playing in the car for a long drive.

The lyrical content is very positive and inspirational. Jake Barnhart’s vocal feel up front delivers an emotionally charged statement worthy of many an aficionado. Of particular notice are the tight interwoven playing of all three member as a whole. All are good alone, together they are brilliant. As a vocal group the Sirens deliver a solid refined sound within their own right, all the while retaining a masculine fullness that compliments the skillful array of sounds brought forward by all three voices. When in unison Sirens are to die for. I might add I really didn’t expect the 3-part harmony ending – well done!.

To sum it up: I give the “I Believe” single by Sirens and enthusiastic four out of five stars and highly recommend this song to any fan of pop, rock, Alternative Electronic music.


Score: 4/5 Stars

Sebastian Cole