Mikey See – “Don’t Wait”

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“I will not be forgotten… I will always be there for you… The clock is always ticking, so don’t wait…” In an urgent letter from a scorned past flame, Mikey See introduces us to his pain, and demands that we “Don’t Wait,” as the name of his hot debut single pleads with us.

In a track that plays like The Weekend covering a Beatles love song, the particular style of Mikey See breaks through his influences and the poppy shimmer of Glenn Travis’ production, while managing to still pay homage to rhythm and blues acts of the past. When his vocals enter the soundscape of churning beats and aching piano, you can instantly tell Mikey See, who is based out of California, is a New Yorker at heart. There’s an urban drawl, the kind of weathered sound a person gets after years of being drowned out by the millions of other voices in the city. That drawl tries to blend in to the white noise, but it is impossible not to notice. Sonic artist Mantra provides the canvas, and our singer splatters the paint straight out of his heart, repeatedly, desperately asserting that to forget him is to erase a part of your own soul, a chapter of your own story. Music and art are our society’s most employed methods of getting through the stormy patches in life.

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For Mikey, he’s gotten through a lot of those patches – and come out all the stronger. He struggled with his sexual identity as a youth, faced merciless bullies in school and found his way into the elite Rock-N-Roll U music academy in Hauppauge, New York only to discover that he was too free-spirited to engage in the rigid structure. But on his new self-titled, self-released debut EP and lead-off single “Don’t Wait,” fans get to experience the full maturation of that free-spirited survivor in all of his hip-shaking, empowering glory. Mikey hasn’t just survived his struggles; he’s conquered them, recorded their destruction and packaged it neatly in this letter to a former beau. If his simplistic request contained in the lyrics “Come on, love me…don’t you forget me,” doesn’t stab deep at your heart, “Now I’m done playing these games… Everyone thinks I’m broken… I put you first” will. The games that we play with each other, in the quest for acceptance from another, can be the most difficult, brutal games we play in life. After a while, it can feel like giving up is the only thing left to do, but even when Mikey admits “I’m done running to you with my guard down…

Open wounds, I don’t feel a thing…” he still insists that he won’t be forgotten or dismissed, and maybe forgetting that long-gone lover is the just thing to do in resurrecting a broken heart. Anyone who’s ever been through the kind of breakup where it feels like your universe, out of nowhere, is suddenly crumbling apart will agree: Mikey See is an excellent poet to tell the story. And maybe after listening to that very story through his song, more of us brokenhearted folks will be inspired to take a page from Mikey’s book and break down our own barriers.

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Sebastian Cole