ShaQ:Muzik drops new single


Jimi Hendrix was probably the first artist in the modern recording age to champion the use of the studio and soundboard as an instrument in itself, able to manipulate the tune of a performer or band to create and entirely new sound than what could have been achieved without its help. When Hendrix cut Are You Experienced? about five decades ago, you have to consider the context to fully appreciate how significant of a recording it was. Think about it: rock bands were playing in analogue for the most part, creating basic studio recordings that consisted of each instrument pushed on top of the next one in a monophonic format. And then here comes the Experience, modulating Noel Redding’s bass and Mitch Mitchell’s jazzy drums to the left and right of Jimi’s blistering riffage in full stereo. Jimi realized that every perfect little sonic detail of their style could be experimented with if one just spent a little time playing around with that soundboard beyond what was considered the industry standard at the time. In many ways, this was the birth of modern electronic music as we know it.

Fast forward to 2018, past a litany of other audiological revolutions and into contemporary electronica, which is supremely ruled over by EDM and its legion of dance fanatics. In EDM, if you’re not creating beats and mind-bending twists in your latest track, then you’re simply not a part of the conversation. The United Kingdom’s ShaQ:Muzik is going to make sure that people are talking about his music however, and with his latest single “Get Down,” he’s doing a good job of achieving global exposure in a relatively short amount of time. Audiences aren’t just discussing the fact that ShaQ:Muzik is a pretty unique artist for the British electronic community considering his rejection of the rigidness of scene politics, either. His music is genuinely thought provoking and quite vibrantly stylized, almost like that of an eclectic avant-garde unit. While a lot of critics have argued that the genre has struggled when it comes to maintaining integrity in the last decade, this songwriter is here to bring back the sound that longtime fans love and new fans will definitely have no trouble getting into.

In addition to the internationally successful “My One & Only Love” and “Let Me in Your Heart Again,” “Get Down” is yet another enthralling contribution to the pop songbook from the gifted ShaQ:Muzik, and the buzz surrounding his burgeoning career is very well justified when you hear just how much versatility he’s really got as a player. If you live for sensational grooves and earthquake producing basslines, then this is an artist that you should spend some time getting to know. As his music continues to develop into the full force that it could reach if it finds mainstream airplay, this is a great time to sit back and watch a little bit of history happen right before our very eyes. Todayhe’s taking over Britain and the U.S., but I think ShaQ:Muzik ultimately has his eye on the whole earth in the big picture.

Sebastian Cole