The Norm – Delirious


Congratulations are in order for The Norm. The band just won The Road to Roo competition, which is sponsored by Miller Lite, and will be playing at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in June.

Not only do they deserve the award and recognition but also the platform to showcase their music that stepbrothers’ Bryan Rucker and Ryan Bars dubbed as hip-rock. Their new single Delirious is a prime example of what this kind of genre is all about.

It’s the perfect song for anyone who enjoys rock and enjoys hip-hop but not the fast-paced delivery of lyrics that the words sometimes become obscure. The single is a  brilliant balance between both musical genres.

The band has  been compared to Fall Boy, Macklemore, and a rap-rock band Twenty-One Pilots. The Norm however are unique in their own right.


Their new single Delirious starts out slow and then builds up to an upbeat sound. But it isn’t until the third-quarter of the song when the rock elements come out in full force and seamlessly integrate with the hip-hop. Think of it as building anticipation and finding fulfillment because it takes you to a fine finish.

The dual front-man band is made up of Bryan Rucker and Ryan Bars, both South Florida natives with urban roots of hip-hop, pop, and rock.

Rucker’s dad was a Bee Gees band member and played with some of the legends in music, including Johnny Cash and Michael Jackson. Bars, on the other hand, is an audio engineer and has worked with accredited producers who handled other big names in the music industry.

With music influences all around, it’s not a surprise that their love for music was what brought the stepbrothers together and gave the world The Norm.

Listen to Delirious on Spotify and iTunes. You can also watch videos and live performances of The Norm on YouTube. The band is currently working on their next album so watch out for that. It’s set to be released this Summer 2018.

Don’t forget to watch them live at The Bonnaroo Music Festival as well and Delirious can also be heard in Hot Topic stores in the US.


Sebastian Cole