Daisy Hicks – “Upside” single

URL: https://daisyhicks.com/track/1204207/upside-original

A slow, churning piano. It’s like a walk in the park on a chilly fall afternoon. There’s a slight breeze that feels a little colder than it should for this time of year. The cymbals lightly dance between our legs as our strides get shorter and the bassline starts to direct where our path is going to take us. “Though we’ve just met, I’ve got a feeling you are here to stay” Daisy Hicks croons to us, her voice breaking through the instrumentation in her new song “Upside” like a light mist that accompanies that autumnal breeze in the park. “Unexpected and yet, love comes and finds you in the strangest way” she continues, illustrating a loving scene of two strangers suddenly discovering that they’re meant to share something more than a long gaze over dimly lit candles in the evening.

How crazy can we become over the idea of attaining the power of this love that can inspire us to do almost anything? Hicks ponders aloud just how crazy she’s fallen in love, ready to do whatever it takes to hold someone, grow old with them, share a lifetime together. Her serenading is immaculate when accompanying the easy sway of her band, almost like the steady stream of a mountain creek. I don’t know what the source of her passion is, but her voice could be enough to make any material she works with exciting for her fans.

2018 has seen a lot of really great releases so far, and among them I’ve been able to listen to and review a handful of decent ones, a few good ones, and maybe one or two really great ones. Not only is Upside the first really well designed extended play I’ve heard this year (in terms of including the main track along with multiple, diverse remixes and radio edited versions of the song), but it’s the first jazz record I’ve really felt comfortable endorsing. I listen to a little bit of everything, but I do consider myself a bit of a snob when it comes to jazz music. Instead of pacifying my thirst for odd time signatures and dexterous, thought-out harmonies with jagged beats and falsetto singing that owes more to indie folk rock than bop, she dishes out a completely different style of smooth jazz that is ego-free and non-synthesized to boot. Is this the singer/songwriter that the genre has been looking for to lead it into the next decade?

Regardless of your personal taste in aesthetics, Daisy Hicks’ latest release Upside is fun for all audiences who enjoy therapeutic tones delivered in the full color audio of high definition stereo. Production-wise you couldn’t ask for more, and in this astonishingly talented composer we’ve got someone who takes her music more seriously than she does her image, which is something that all of us can agree pop culture is in desperate need of right now. Her music is making noise around the world, and if this Aussie jazz master keeps with the pace that she’s got right now, there could be no stopping how far she’ll go in this business.

TIDAL: http://tidal.com/album/77027071

Sebastian Cole