Edenn drops new single

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A lot is going on in the music world in 2018. As a culture, we’re reaching the end of the 2010’s and all of the artistic and stylistic developments that came with it. On the business side of things, we saw the ultimate destruction of the physical format and the explosion of digital streaming services. More than ever before, artists are taking control over their careers and their marketing for themselves instead of taking the traditional route of trusting a label’s A&R department to do the leg work for them. Musically, it could easily be said that we’ve seen more evolution and growth from hip-hop, R&B and electronic music than in any other popular genres. Gradually critics seen more and more artists combining elements of psychedelic-tinged funk and electronic influences from house, trip-hop and even noise music to create soundscapes far more expansive than anything their predecessors produced or ever dreamed would be possible at this scale. That said, it is artists like the enigmatic Parisian composer Edenn who are standing out from the crowd because of one reason: they don’t care about the trend of their scene or what critics like me have to say, because all that matters is the music.

In his debut release “Thinking,” Edenn reinterprets the gentle melodies of classic R&B through a distinctively European filter that not only transcends the limits of soul, R&B, funk, pop and hip-hop but also drifts elegantly into shoegaze, post-punk, avant-garde and even ambient territory. His synthesized beats come shrouded in a cloud of smoky reverb that makes the emphasis around his voice all the more pronounced and mammoth in stature. It’s almost an added bonus that his plaintive, heartfelt lyrics are remarkably relatable and adventurously affectionate, because by the time we’re halfway through this track, the beat is already stuck in our head to the point where lyrics almost aren’t even required. Nonetheless, Edenn’s golden set of pipes are the real star of “Thinking,” and they’re delicately weaved into the fabric of the instrumentation so well, that he almost fits in beside a piano, guitar or drum kit like a sibling instead of a player. There’s only three other artists that I can think who of had this same gift, and that’s John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix and Tom Waits. Aesthetically, I actually think that Edenn is sort of an amalgamation of all three.

Compared to anything on Heartbreak on a Full Moon, Teenage Dream or 24K Magic, Edenn’s “Thinking” is far and away the most creatively designed and executed pop/R&B single that I’ve heard thus far in 2018, and I’d actually like to see him give us at least three more before next Spring. If he takes advantage of the current climate in the music industry right now, he could end up being in the exact right place and right time to not just debut with a killer set of songs that people instantly connect with, but to start his career poised to almost immediately takeover the charts and stay planted there for some time to come.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/3nUmcelRVogAJquxVw4gw0

Sebastian Cole