Lauria “Losing Me”


Some artists need a lot of beefed up marketing to even get the attention of a few listeners, let alone a crowd or a record label. I’ve seen musicians pour a lot of their own money into trying to get an album, a style or even just a name off the ground, and as even the most disconnected of laypersons is aware, 99% of these acts never make it to the big stage. They barely even make it out of their own garage half the time. That 1% though, they’re a special group of people. They’re the different ones, the ones that I’ve been chasing down my entire career trying to understand and know. They’re artists like Lauria.

Lauria, for the few who doesn’t know, is the moniker of one of the most talented performers and composers in indie R&B today, and her song “Losing Me” is currently on a much hyped campaign to set the tone for the scene this summer. The hype around her isn’t artificial or commercially generated. She hasn’t been around long enough to have an agenda or financial interests to pressure her into selling something other than what she already brought to the table creatively. She’s letting that amazing voice of hers do all of the talking for her, literally and figuratively. “Losing Me” is a sexy, self-studying exercise in contemplative realism, and it features an electro trip-hop inspired beat that is so sinfully elegant that I want to hear it sampled and experimented with in future recordings. I’m not even much for electronic music, but there’s some really excellent vibes here that would make for epic templates in the right setting. But it doesn’t stop there.

Lauria’s voice is so alluring that it makes me wonder how far she could ascend before the year is out. The hierarchy of pop music is in a place right now where conquering the throne wouldn’t be all that difficult to do if you had the right strategy and at least somewhat decent content to release. But “Losing Me” isn’t decent content. It’s impeccable, flawless content. No artists are able to debut with a perfect 10 right out of the gate, but Lauria comes awfully close here, and that’s something that I have a feeling myself and other people in the music industry are going to be talking about for a long while to come. Lyrically, she’s spot on, with poignant poetry that she’s able to earnestly dispatch with an emotional charge that feels completely genuine and relatable. Much like with anything else these days, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to find good music that can stand on its own like this, and to be frank, I’m so happy that Lauria is doing what she’s doing right now. We need an artist who doesn’t feel like they’re another product that can be delivered from an online vendor in two hours or less. We need something authentic and new, something to make us believe in tomorrow. We need Lauria.


Sebastian Cole