Lord & Lady – The Lift

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With an affectionate charisma that is equal parts biting and inviting to listen to, indie pop duo Lord & Lady fire on all cylinders in their latest single, “The Lift,” an enigmatic foray into their spacey, relentlessly creative soundscapes and pop pleasantries. You don’t know it yet, but you’re already familiar with these two brilliant singer/songwriters who have joined forces to create this spectacular pop vehicle; between Scott Oatley and Rachel Panchal (who make up the whole of Lord & Lady), their songwriting credits include contributions to everything from The Simpsons to Jurassic World, and both of their reputations among the southern California music scene are as solid as rock. I had the great pleasure of giving their hot new song a spin today and found that the pair are continuing to impress and lure us closer with their many charms.

“The Lift” is essentially about the giant boost that we all feel when we first are falling in love with someone. It’s a difficult feeling to describe, but it’s an even harder feeling to capture in sound. Using a textured electrobeat and a gentle arrangement that conjures the same chills that a rousing symphony orchestra does, Lord & Lady manage to give us their best version of what falling in love sounds like, and personally I think they hit pretty close to their target. One thing I wish they would have done a little differently is perhaps spread out some of the instrumentation on the song to eliminate some of the choppier moments in the verse/chorus transitions. Overall though, this is an incredibly palatable, very smooth offering from these two L.A. burgeoning phenoms.

I love the almost angelic way that Oatley and Panchal harmonize together in this song. I’d love to hear them do it in person and see if it holds up to the ethereal tone we hear on this new single. It’s so peaceful and awesome to appreciate when you allow yourself to get lost in their melodies. Everything is evenly synchronized between the two of them, and it’s infectiously catchy to listen to their back and forth banter that forms the foundation for their lyrical attack. I can see why they’ve been so successful in Hollywood in their own right, because both of them have the presence of superstars when they speak, together and separately. This is all makes for a wickedly intriguing musical cocktail for us to feast our ears upon, and I can’t believe it’s taken us all so long to find Lord & Lady and their terrifically different sound.

Now that we’ve found them, it’s important that we give Oatley and Panchal the room that they need to further refine and develop their craft. I don’t know about you, but I hate it when the industry zooms in on these obviously talented, hardworking indie acts and puts a rush on their creative development just so they can make a couple of quick bucks. Instead, I think I’d like to see the long term vision that these two have in store for us.

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Sebastian Cole