Scott Smith “I Will Love You”


With an easy going strum of a set of barley-blowing, golden strings, Scott Smith eases us into his new acoustic love song “I Will Love You,” a carefree slice of heaven hot off of his new release Igniting the Flame. Dedicated to his wife, Smith joyously illustrates a heart-warming picture of his affections and devotion to the woman he’s spending his life with, and along the way gives us some incredible melodies to swing to. Anyone who’s ever truly been in love can relate to the playful, rollicking nature of “I Will Love You,” the beat not dissimilar from the sweet pitter patter that all of us feel when we meet someone special to our hearts.

Music plays such a big part in our romantic relationships, and we often don’t even realize how much so when we’re caught up in the heat of the moment. The song that played when we first met, the first time we kissed, that time we took a road trip; they end up making the soundtrack of our entire lives together. When relationships end, how often do we completely stop listening to a certain artist or a certain record, just because the slightest utterance of the opening chords will illicit an overwhelming tidal wave of emotions that we just can’t bear to experience any longer? So goes the story of our modern lives as poetically interpreted by Scott Smith; our happiness living and dying by the will of another person, our fearless choice to give up our own hearts into the hands of someone else, and the ecstasy of getting something back in return. “I Will Love You” makes a daring leap at capturing that feeling, and magnificently succeeds in doing so with a quaint, almost pastoral sensibility that evokes memories of a much simpler time where love wasn’t such an intimidating word.

This was the first time I had listened to Scott Smith’s music, and although I was a bit skeptical that I would hear anything I haven’t already (considering the plethora of singer/songwriters who have been emerging from the woodwork in the last three years), I was pleasantly surprised to find such an honest, ego-free track coming out of a Bay Area scene that has seen far better days than the present. Nevertheless, San Franciscans can be proud to call Smith one of their own, as he willfully seems to be carrying on the brilliantly colorful tradition of creativity and organically styled music that the city was once so beloved for. Hopefully he’ll treat non-Californian audiences to a live tour to support Igniting the Flame in the near future, as I have a gut feeling that his work sounds even better when in an open environment, being played under the heat of the spotlight behind a microphone and in front of an audience. If the buzz around his career continues to grow any larger than it is now, there won’t be much of a question as to whether or not getting tickets to his next performance will be an easy feat.

Sebastian Cole