Trevor Drury – Jealousy


If you’re looking for fresh pop music that will kick off the summer with themes other than fast cars and overpriced liquor, look no further than the stylings of rhythmic indie pop star Trevor Drury, who’s new single “Jealousy,” is out now everywhere music is sold. A Tucson, Arizona native, the multi-instrumentalist (who proudly can boast composing, performing and producing every note he records) offers a lot to love about this new song both lyrically and musically.

As its title implies, “Jealousy” is rife with envious lyrics describing a primal craving for power and control over life itself. That craving is so appropriately conveyed in Drury’s magnetic serenading, relating anticipation and desire to the audience in a very haunting fashion. A little defensive and a little brash, our singer pleads for us to understand how green he’s feeling, and in his vulnerability he’s even willing to admit that he wants it all, not just a taste. This vulnerable admission is riddled with irony, as its ultimate relevance is nevertheless in vain as he sits with empty hands and an envious heart. The urban sounds of the band take us to a lonely, empty city street where we’re walking beside Trevor, kicking rocks and resenting all of the wants we hold so paramount. To this end, Drury says of his music; “To write something that inspires another, that gets them through the day, that is unique to them, something they can rely on, something that transcends me. That’s where the art is.” Transcendent is the perfect way to describe “Jealousy,” which pitter-patters between multiple influences with refined grace. For one, the primeval vocal bridge towards the middle-end of the song recalls Chris Cornell and Soundgarden’s threatening swagger, but it doesn’t seem to clash with the jazzy cadence of the drums and bass.


Trevor Drury’s next endeavor is already in the works; a full length entitled A Year of My Life, which I really hope we get to see before the year is out. His last three singles prior to “Jealousy,” “I Know You From the 70’s,” “Trip to the Water,” and “Snowy Nights,” have all been released to universal acclaim from major critics, and the music video for “Snowy Nights” has received over 263,000 views on YouTube since its premier in late December 2017. The video, which gives fans a chance to see the dashing young man take command of the piano, garnered much praise as well for its production quality and simplicity. In addition to music, Drury also is an international model who has worked with Robert Geller, and Malan Breton among others, and writes for Backstage Magazine regularly. With the truly incredible work ethic that he possesses, one is inclined to wonder if there is anything on earth that this man cannot do and succeed at.


“Jealousy,” as well as Trevor Drury’s entire catalogue of music is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, and you can find out more about Trevor Drury by visiting his Instagram (@trevordrurymusic), his website ( and his official VEVO page (

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