DawgGoneDavis – Forever Music + Butt on Fiya

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“Middle Age Woman – Hip Hop Style” surprised everyone who heard it with its unique confluence of humorous, graying angst and rap music beats. The performer responsible for “Middle Age Woman – Hip Hop Style”, DawgGoneDavis, has returned with two new singles reassuring listeners that she wasn’t some flash in the pan – instead, she emerges here as a valuable parody musician whose talents will only reveal themselves more and more over time. The luxurious beats, soulful horn work, and even a smattering of piano make this track a surprisingly musical experience while DawgGoneDavis’ vocal cuts against that with its cawing, occasionally elongated, ultimately playful delivery. It certainly is far removed from your typical hip hop vocalist’s flow, but “Forever Music” isn’t intended to be a purist’s take on the genre.

She’s made significant strides in the production of her songs. “Forever Music” has a much clearer mix than her earlier single “Middle Age Woman – Hip Hop Style” and, as such, the performance gains added luster. Her subject matter is surrounded with a bit of a cynical air reflecting on the vagaries of life in the music business. It’s a jaded take, but delivered in an entertaining way. The song runs just the right amount of time and DawgGoneDavis’ arrangement has a number of twists and turns as well as peaking at all the right moments.

“Butt on Fiya” has a much more sophomoric sense of humor, but that’s not a slight. Instead, the second of the two singles is great fun without ever overreaching and it’s clear DawgGoneDavis is having every bit as much, if not more, than the listener. Her same distinctive delivery gives the song much of its personality, but the musicality of the song is beyond question. Once again, the song has a strong beat at its core, undoubtedly generated via electronic drumming but invested with the warmth and pop we’d expect from a live drummer, while she weaves a number of synthesizer lines and flourishes over the top. DawgGoneDavis may be a lot of things, but predictable isn’t one of them and meshing her playfully lowbrow humor with such a stylish musical performance makes for a great time.

It runs around the same length as “Forever Music”, but it’s thankfully shorn of the cattiness and cynicism underlying much of the aforementioned track. This duo proves, beyond any doubt, that DawgGoneDavis has progressed by leaps and bounds since the release of “Middle Age Woman – Hip Hop Style” without sacrificing any of the comedic merits that first brought her to listener’s attention. Working with producer Hellmut Wolf virtually assures that her exponential growth will continue with future releases. DawgGoneDavis is a one of a kind and it sounds like she’s going to stay that way. She’s a singular talent in a field loaded with mediocrity and her obvious love for performing shines through in both singles.

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Sebastian Cole