Jonathon Zemek – Everything Will Change


Jonathon Zemek comes across as a musical artist who lives and breathes his vocation. Working not only as a musician but as a conduit for ensuring others voices are properly promoted and heard neatly dovetails into the obvious engagement and passion filling his latest single release “Everything Will Change”. Culled from his new solo release Hillcrest, “Everything Will Change” is likely illustrative of the album’s overall merits and points the way towards the conceptual nature of this full length release. Zemek’s stature and reputation in the Austin, Texas music community has allowed him to recruit some of the best talent available in one of the nation’s traditional hubs for substantive popular music. The intelligence, production virtues, and songwriting structure making this a successful track will linger in listener’s memory long after the last notes are played.

It’s four minutes of blustery guitar rock led by Zemek’s playing and guest singer Guy Forsyth’s voice. Forsyth’s singing complements the guitar work coupling an intense, practically leering style during the verses, soaring bluesy passages, and impressively softer strains during the song’s bridge. Zemek’s primary riff for the song carries things along well enough, but he mixes it up well with a strong power chord undertow and fiery vibrato. Despite his clear chops, Zemek never opts for the stereotypical lead guitar solo, though he does adorn the track with a handful of licks punctuating the aforementioned playing. He has an obvious command, both as a player and songwriter, of the hard rock form while still bringing his own unique musicality to the style.

The lyrics, in some respects, are typical for the genre, but Zemek’s song distinguishes itself with clarity of imagery that few of his contemporaries and peers share. The words are clearly integral to the overall package rather than being purely functional and Forsyth’s phrasing and vocal melody alike enhance their power. “Everything Will Change” never comes off as some by the number hard rock guitar workout, but instead sounds like a song labored over in an effort to convey its point as artfully as possible. Despite the obvious sweat put into making this song work, “Everything Will Change” comes across as a natural, nearly live performance and the production gives it a warm gravitas sure to impress many listeners.

Hard rock this good is increasingly hard to come by. Jonathon Zemek has synthesized the elements making for classic forays into this genre into a potent mix of white-knuckled bluesy vocal brilliance, gritty riffing, and colored with just enough flash to give the track extra flair. His latest single “Everything Will Change” is, undoubtedly, an ideal introduction for listeners to his new album Hillcrest and only expands his standing as one of the more creative and talented figures on the indie music scene. 2018 is shaping up to be a banner year for this Austin, Texas based performer, songwriter, and passionate music patron.


Sebastian Cole