AV Super Sunshine releases Time Bomb Remixes

URL: https://www.avsupersunshine.com/

You don’t have to be an expert on indie buzz to know that the name AV Super Sunshine is being thrown around an awful lot by some pretty big names in the music world, and despite the fact that I rarely, if ever, endorse intensely hyped artists, AV is a very special case. His song “Time Bomb” received a makeover in the form of two intriguing remixes released this summer to the adulation of his cult following as well as critics and enthusiasts around the globe, and I was among the many who was deeply impressed with what I heard. I had the sublime chance to listen to the club mix of the song prior to its release and was compelled to take a few notes as I did.

“Time Bomb” Club Mix: https://soundcloud.com/av-super-sunshine/time-bomb-club-mix

The first thing that we notice about this song is its audaciousness. From the jump we’re bombarded with blistering shockwaves of electric tones that are as mammoth as they are intimidating, but while the intro of the song is as jarring and adrenaline-laden as riding on a rollercoaster, it doesn’t take long before AV rescues us from the discord with his stylish voice and relevant prose. Everything plays out as it should, sort of like a movie, and if you aren’t dancing at the start of “Time Bomb,” you will be by the time we hit the sixty second mark. I don’t even particularly like electronic music, but a song that is this primal and raw with intensity is enough to make even a snobbish music critic like me reassess their opinion.

There’s an almost European flamboyancy enmeshed with a proto-punk rebelliousness that makes the club rendition of “Time Bomb” stand out even more as a cut above the rest, and frankly I wonder why that combination of influences isn’t found more in electronic music these days. AV Super Sunshine likes to be a bad boy and leave an ominous shadow from time to time, but he constantly exposes himself as a dear, reflective soul by the end of every song that he pens. “Time Bomb” isn’t any different, and rather than leaving us disheveled or injured from its shrapnel, it lets us countdown alongside it and enjoy the explosion from its epicenter.

I’ve listened to a lot of club songs this year and a lot of hip-hop, R&B and pop remixes as well, but there isn’t any question that this is the most thought provoking and exciting remix that I’ve heard in 2018. There might be four months left on the calendar, but I’m positive that there isn’t going to be another track that comes close to capturing the same liveliness that this one does in such a rambunctious way. Any hardcore electronica fan has got to make hearing this song their top priority if they haven’t already, and if you consider yourself to be keen on affectual music in general, it should be yours as well.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Just-Like-Kurt-Super-Sunshine/dp/B014YT03YA

Sebastian Cole