Dayeater – Mr. III


The new single from the Austin, Texas three piece, “Mr. III”, is an early harbinger of their upcoming album release set to drop October 20th. The eclectic rock mix struck by this self-proclaimed psychedelic act continues developing the same potent musical bite they first exhibited on their debut release 2016’s Voices Out of Nowhere, but it likewise extends a musical vision referred to as the offspring of Blue Cheer and MC5 by way of the 13th Floor Elevators. “Mr. III” runs a little over four minutes and maintains an outrageous level of intensity from the first that would exhaust most bands. Dayeater, however, isn’t your average outfit. Their four to the floor approach to music making ensures this is a gripping ride from the first and blasts listeners with focused musicality that leaves you ready and wanting to come back for more.

The uptempo pace doesn’t come at the expense of any subtlety. There’s a welcome amount of nuance brought into the piece thanks to the way Dayeater weaves the guitars and drumming into a seamless sonic tapestry and the production captures it all with visceral fire. It’s a warm sounding single and very live sounding; it wouldn’t surprise me at all to hear Dayeater recorded the track with all three musicians in the same room. Having each band member intimately involved with the songwriting gives the song a well rounded quality missing from many other tracks and raising the stakes – each of the three musicians involved are unquestionably committed to making maximum impact with this tune. There’s some flamethrower lead guitar coming into the mix late during the tune that should singe your scalp.

The vocal captures a lot of the same raucous edge we hear in the music and occupies a balanced spot in the mix. There’s a near punk quality in the singing, never completely unleashed, but yet brimming with the same aggressiveness and throat-shredding passion common to the best of such performances. “Mr. III” is an excellent choice for a lead single and should translate immediately to the band’s live set. The earlier comparisons between the band and legendary units like Blue Cheer and MC5 are certainly complementary, but the truth is that Dayeater doesn’t need any reflected glory. Their music, as evidenced by this single, stands on its own as a distinctive and individual expression of their creative talents.

It’s all the more impressive considering they’ve only been together and playing shows since 2014. Their work sounds like the music of a much more veteran outfit reaching their peak, but they’ve only just begun and it is tantalizing to consider how much more than can and will do with forthcoming efforts. Their sophomore album will likely pack much of the same firepower as this release and lovers of powerful rock guitar will undoubtedly flock to this release time and time again.


Sebastian Cole