Tim Hindmon – A Musician

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Singer/songwriter material like Tim Hindmon’s “A Musician” may not enjoy the same level of commercial notoriety it enjoyed during its 1970’s sales heyday or that select few talents in this vein still command, but it has thankfully never stopped one generation of new talents after another capable of saying something uniquely their own with time-tested forms. Tim Hindmon joins their ranks with “A Musician”, a gorgeously rendered live performance rife with melody and a clear cut roots music sound. It keeps things “simple”, avoiding any affectations in some heavy handed attempt to establish its retro themed bonafides, and focuses in wasting no motion – the song’s build, vocal, writing, and instrumental performances are ideally aligned and a top notch live capture of the performance gives the song much of its power.

His vocals aren’t technically beautiful, but what he accomplishes with his vocal gift relies on much more than mammoth range and precision voice control. Hindmon, like many of his influences I’m sure, emotes stunningly well and communicates to the listen, when lyrical details are vague or fail to suffice, much of the meaning in his new single “A Musician”. The guitar work provides his voice with a well suited duet partner and never attempts to do more than serve the song and get its melodic strengths across for listeners. It couldn’t possibly be done better for this particular cut.

The live drumming for this performance gives the song a solid foundation for the aforementioned components and even flashes moments of nuanced flair without ever calling attention to itself. It’s these small dollops of creativity, in any area, that can elevate a run of the mill rehash of familiar changes into something, somehow, fresh for listeners. There’s a slightly kinetic charge emanating from this performance thanks to the nature of its live recording, a sense of Hindmon and his fellow players feeding off the crowd’s energy, and it’s a significant secondary strength of this release.

The Chicago, Illinois based singer/songwriter has crafted a personal blend of Americana for a listener while, as well, broaching a topic that obviously has deep personal meaning for him. In essence, this song is a statement of identity, and will resound with sympathetic listeners for some time to come. It’s light on its feet, looking forward, and never through rose colored glasses, but rather drawing energy from the road traveled, rewards enjoyed, and sacrifices made to make your voice heard above the inevitable din of lesser talents. The fluency of his self-expression, the emotional investment in his material, these strengths in his work make him an artist you can return to in the future confident that he likely have grown and prove more bewitching than ever before. “A Musician” is to the point and aching with a passionate, intelligent spirit while never exhausting us or straining for effect.

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Sebastian Cole