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Musik and Film is a proud partner of the European Indie Music chart. The Euro Indie Music Chart is revered as the definitive Indie Music chart Europe. The chart is broadcast in over 60 countries and on hundreds of Radio stations worldwide, in association with MEI, Audio Coop, Vittek Records, and the European Indie Music Chart and Network. The ranking is drawn up on-the basis of its affiliated radio broadcasts at the European Indie Music Network, voting by the collaborative entities and the voting of the public. The Top 20 will be invited to the new Euro Indie Music countdown show! Musik and Film produces the show on a weekly basis.

They also partner with Muzart. The alliance between Muzart and Musik and Film enables the platinum library of legendary music to be heard worldwide in support of music education as it will fund music and art legacy in public school programs. Musik and Film also provide top management services for anyone at that stage where they can afford it, as developing artists usually work their way up to that. The hardest part for artists is not knowing where to start, and they have the proper guidance for all indie artists particular-needs in which they cannot get themselves without a layer such as Musik and Film Records.

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If you already have distribution there’s still a lot you might not know concerning the competition out there, and they indicate much about this at their website. The digital age has created a new music industry, one in which every artist’s music can be on any website and ringtone. Musik and Film’s digital distribution is the best in the business, facilitated through their highly coveted relationship with The Orchard/Sony and Ingrooves/Universal in Europe Denmark. These major networking outlets provide pioneering music and video distribution services operating in more than 20 global markets and 2200 outlets. This is a first-class service with major label tools that get your music to the global masses in every territory.

They provide up front PR with so many testimonials you can get a great idea of how happy artists and other companies they work with are, because they share them as they flood in from their happy clients.

“I’m sure if any musician was asked what they would like to accomplish with their gift of songs, they would reply, simply reach and connect with people through their music. Working with MUSIK and FILM has helped me accomplish this! Thank you MAF for your support of independent artists like me, who just don’t have the big budgets that major labels have. Because of you we can still make a difference. My hat’s off to you all!” Brad Tucker

You have-to admire the feedback alone when you read all their words about it, but you can also search up quite a lot more and even visit the site frequently for updates and check out their radio promotion show and everything. There’s a lot of help in the DIY world, but they don’t often combine neither the work of such experienced professionals or the amount of services as Musik and Film.

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Sebastian Cole