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I don’t speak a word of Spanish, and I don’t know whether or not the guys in Monsieur Job speak a word of English, but neither really mattered all that much when I listened to “Pica Pica” for the first time the other day. As a music journalist, I have the great pleasure of sampling music from all over the world, and my career has taken me everywhere from Africa to Australia all the way back to Los Angeles listening to all of the different strains of this beautiful, always growing tree that is music. Beneath that tree I’ve learned a lot about myself and the world around me, and when I listened to “Pica Pica” for the very first time I felt like Monsieur Job, No Mercy and Vojke Djans (the latter two of whom joined Monsieur Job for the new remix of the track) were sitting there beside me. Their music transcends language barriers and reaches out to us in a unifying embrace; something I think we can all agree needs to take place more often in the world today.

Let’s get to “Pica Pica” itself. The song opens up with a chuckle from the band before making room for a gentle drum beat that asks us to follow it closely through the trees and into a forested sonic oasis that Monsieur Job has carved out for us amidst the wilderness. The vocals of the group harmonize together and become one, even though the lyrics are being sung in the round and are being layered on top of each other for everyone to take in together. I close my eyes and I’m there; this oasis is a warm place but the mist of a cool breeze is there to comfort me. No Mercy is contributing even more colorful Latin flare to the environment, and I’m completely removed from the cramped city streets of my hometown and transported to this place where nothing else matters except pleasure, the preservation of truth and unabashed love for one another. How I wish I could stay in this place, but when I open my eyes I’m reminded that I can revisit any time I want – I just need to pop “Pica Pica” on the hi-fi.

“Pica Pica” is a deeply cathartic electro-salsa ballad that will make you think about a lot of different things, whether it be how good it feels to be loved, how impatient we often are in trying to find love in the first place, or rather how tragic it is that love has become such an evasive notion to the bulk of our world who need it the most. Incredible music is made by incredible musicians seeking to make incredible statements about humanity as it really exists, as opposed to politicians and movie stars who simply give us whatever it will take to pacify our demands. “Pica Pica” is authentic music in every sense of the term as are the dedicated and passionate musicians behind its stunning composition.

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Sebastian Cole

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