Having followed Kanisha K since her first single release, presented by high profile producer Joe Vulpis, “Oh Damn Yeah” through its successors, I am pleased to hear how remarkably fast the prodigiously talented singer and songwriter has developed in every facet. She didn’t emerge as some raw, unshaped vocalist – make no mistake. Years of training preceded her entry into the popular music world and, thus, she immediately comes across as a performer possessing considerable finesse, but figures like Vulpis and Nashville based producer Robyn Robins opened the needed doors and engineered the necessary support for Kanisha K to frame her talents in the best possible light. “Talk is Cheap”, like every single since the debut, improves on a potent predecessor and illustrates Kanisha’s expanding interpretative powers.

You’re with her every minute of “Talk is Cheap”. The sharply worded lyrical content has the sort of attitude you’d expect, given the song title, but Kanisha never feels compelled to put over its emotional tone in some overwrought fashion. Instead, there’s a release in this song – Kanisha K is serving notice to the listener and delivers the lyric in an emphatic way that illustrates the depth of her convictions. The vocal melody is particularly effective and Kanisha fully realizes its potential with a very “live” rendering of the song that the production emphasizes, but never at the expense of the song’s instrumental attack.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/kanisha-k/talk-is-cheap/s-Sdd6e

The distinguishing feature of the arrangement, lead guitar, unleashes a handful of fiery blues-drenched licks during the course of the song and there’s even a little banjo thrown into the mix to underline Kanisha’s fidelity to tradition. It isn’t an arbitrary move, as the instrument adds a nice flavor to the song without ever calling too much attention to itself. The fluency of the band’s musical attack never falters during the course of this song and their transitions into the song’s chorus are especially well handled. Top notch vocalists like this often come with accompanying arrangements that merely hit their marks and nothing more, but that’s never the case with Kanisha K’s music. The instrumental colors of her performance are every bit as important as the vocals as Kanisha K, definitely, intends to provide listeners a comprehensive experience.

“Talk Is Cheap” proves, if nothing else had before, that Kanisha K’s approach to performing and making music is the stuff that makes for long, successful music careers. It is, however, another superb entry in a growing discography that promises to be one of the more significant bodies of recorded work in modern country and pop music. She has unique vocal talents quite unlike anyone else on the scene and that voice is informed with astonishing depths. It’s one of 2018’s more memorable singles and holds up under repeated listening. Her beginnings as a young vocal prodigy in her home state of Michigan has carried her to Nashville, Music City U.S.A., and she’s sure to leave an enduring mark on the scene.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/kanishak0342/

Sebastian Cole