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In singer/songwriter R.W. Roldan’s new single “The Color Of,” Roldan eloquently breaks down the racial barriers that have been created by generations of ignorance and bigotry and unites all of us under a beautiful melody that only he is capable of composing. Roldan has been one of the most consistent hitmakers in the underground folk/country scene over the last few years, and his latest single is easily one of his most emotionally charged and personal to date. It’s a song that brings a lot of very important subject matter to the surface unabashedly, and it’s my opinion that we could all benefit from absorbing its universally applicable message of acceptance, understanding and perpetuating the kinship that exists between all of mankind, regardless of color.

The accompanying music video for “The Color Of” is relatively simple, much like the structure of the track itself, but its imagery is remarkably powerful. The stirring nature of the colorless photography of children and adults of all races living as one culture is chillingly tangible and relatable, to the point where it’s easy to become enraged by the thought of the world in the state that it currently is, where people often seem to be more content to argue and kill one another than they are sitting down and sharing a good meal together. The still shots are intercut with footage of Roldan casually playing his guitar, his only weapon in this war on American values that has left our people battered and bloody from the hateful dialogue and actions by those who would prefer to keep us divided.

Just imagine for a second the kind of world we would live in if more people saw it through the eyes of R.W. Roldan. His song doesn’t preach some impossible, unattainable utopia that we could only dream of one day residing in; it speaks in plain terms, brutally telling us the facts as they really are, chief among them being that we’re essentially choosing to live this way. If we all pitched in a little more and devoted some time to trying to listen to each other instead of always competing for airspace, we would find that the equilibrium that Roldan dreams of is a lot more reachable than we might have been led to believe.

Despite his sterling body of work, this is easily one of R.W. Roldan’s most poignant ballads yet and frankly one of my very favorite tracks of the year. It’s got the charm of a southern slow song with the cunning lyricism of a beat poet’s diaries, and you’d be hard pressed to find anything even slightly similar receiving rotation on Top 40 airwaves today. If you haven’t already, check out the video for “The Color Of” and pick up a copy of Roldan’s latest album to get acquainted with the majesty that is his uniquely stylish songcraft. This has been a banner year for singer/songwriters, but it is undeniable that R.W. Roldan remains the most thoughtful and relevant among them with the release of a single as sharp and on point as this one.

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Sebastian Cole