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Szandra Mayer’s new single, “Paradise” can be described by both hearing it or watching the video to get even more out of what it’s about, just as with any good video. But the difference is the video’s tendency to fly by versus the song’s ability to stay in your head with or without watching the clip. But it does help once you’ve had a chance to take in the dual concept of the video which mostly takes place around Budapest, where she said she had fun making it. The landscape views are mixed with Mayer herself in what represents paradise, with added views of her in a room full of light sticks and colorful galaxy paint.

Mayer is only 11 years old but climbing at a fast rate in the singles world which is starting to take a front seat for indie artists, as well as the video single, the lyric video or simply the promo video approach to add to the product mix. “Paradise” embodies all that is great about today’s pop music, it’s perfectly written, produced and arranged with precision results. It’s one of those slices of heaven you really can’t find a flaw in whatsoever, and so is the artist herself. There’s a charm to her voice that is so immediate you can’t turn a deaf ear to it, if that goes any distance to explain it.

“Paradise” is the perfect word for it, as the music washes all over you and her voice does the rest of the business to nail what has the word “hit” written all over it. The idea is to hear it a few times then watch the video, at least that is one suggested way to get the full effect of the song before putting any viewing limitations on it. The video goes much further if held back for that purpose, unless you prefer it the other way around. Both get the point across either way, but why spoil it all that way, it’s heard first, but of course it always depends on where you’re standing.

The tune starts off with very little music to set up a few words from Mayer that include the title before the track takes off in a big way, but not without a few surprising bursts that take it into the choruses throughout the entire song. In-between it all you get some fantastic melodies and a showing of superb musicianship with very definitive acoustic guitar parts. The keys and drum beats, all work in synchronized fashion for an ambiance that does wonders to showcase Mayer’s voice, and it comes off absolutely-effortless.

The sound of Mayer’s voice might be young, but it’s getting more contemporary with each single release and that’s one way to tell har far she’s come in so few years, especially considering her age. It’s quite astonishing indeed, as is the music and lyrics of “Paradise.” One can only hope for so much more of the same in the years to come. This is a killer track in every sense of the term, and the video isn’t bad either.

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Sebastian Cole

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