Artist: Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers
Song: “She Moves Like a Mystery”
Upcoming Album: The Things You Left Behind

It was back in 2017 that Frank Migliorelli and his band The Dirt Nappers released their last album entitled Bass​,​Drums​,​Guitars and Organs. That album found Migliorelli and the band creating tracks that contained many different influences that helped to add depth to the band’s style. Now, eighteen months or so have passed since the release of that album and the band is getting ready to release their next album. In a few weeks, the album The Things You Left Behind will be released. But before that happens, the band has released one single in advance of the album. That single is entitled “She Moves Like a Mystery.”

On the track “She Moves Like a Mystery,” Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers create a track with a slow, steady pace to it. That track easily falls into the Rock and Roll category. And while it does fall into that Rock and Roll genre, the track contains a slight Soulful influence to it. The Soul/Rock and Roll combination create a feel to the music that brings to mind several different songwriters, depending on your frame of reference:

For the younger audience, the track “She Moves Like a Mystery,” feels like something that could have from John Mayer, especially from the time period when he created the track “Waiting on the World To Change”. But for the older audience, there is a definite reference in the track to something from the singer-songwriter known as Van Morrison. In fact, the track would feel right at home alongside Morrison’s song “Into the Mystic,” a track by the singer-songwriter that seems to have found new life lately. Whichever frame of mind you fall into, the new track from Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers contains a Soul/Rock and Roll blend that would fit right in with today’s Pop-rock radio formats.

Bass​,​Drums​,​Guitars and Organs from Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers was a release that had a great sound and style. And now with the release of the band’s latest single, they let the listener know that they’re not done yet! If this song is any indication, the upcoming release from Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers will be definitely worth the wait.


Matheson Kamin, posted by Sebastian Cole