Brooke Josephson’s new single, “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)” reminds me a lot of the city that she’s based in. Born in Warsaw, Indiana, Josephson’s life and career have taken her to various parts of the country, but she eventually ended up in the City of Angels amongst all of the other young stars trying to reach their sky. In Rocky G’s remix of her breakout song (which was released only a year ago), we’re treated to a flurry of multicolored melodic specks and tonality that cuts deep but doesn’t leave us wounded. Rocky G draws out all of the passion and yearning in Josephson’s vocal and surrounds it with twinkling harmonics and synthesized grooves that sound us and are reminiscent of lights on a dimly lit city skyline and the bumpy roadways beneath it. A thousand voices echo into infinity as if to chant the verses behind Josephson, and instead of basking in the pomp of having the spotlight focused squarely on her every move, she humbly shares the stage with Rocky G’s rhythms, which are full of just as much vitality as the singer is.


The bassline slithers around us like a constrictive snake, slowly taking its time before going in for the kill. In the master mix, we actually have to do a little bit of hunting to track down the specific space where the bassline begins and the drums end, as the two are responsible for all of the bulge that pushes the composition along. Once found, we can listen closely to where it’s slinking off to; between the verses, over the drums and straight into the kindling that’s left behind when the synths recede from the vocals. The calculating, intelligent use of treble to throw off our pursuit is quite a fetching contribution from Rocky G, but it isn’t the only reason why I think this belongs on her list of very best remixes. What I love more than anything else about this single is the fact that while it totally reimagines the source, it doesn’t trample over what made us dig the song so much to begin with – which in my opinion is Josephson’s directing the melody through her emotional lyrics. That element remains unchanged and makes this remix feel a lot more organic and natural all around.


Evenly produced with a shiny polish that is charming enough to attract mainstream pop fans but not overtly commercial as to repel indie audiences and more avant-garde leaning listeners, “Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix)” does what few singles of its kind can; it doesn’t favor one of its collaborators over the other. I wouldn’t call this a Brooke Josephson track exclusively because Rocky G adds so much more to it than just some catchy synths and a sped up tempo. There’s more harmonies here (or at least it sounds like it) than what we heard to begin with in the first “Mr. Fix It” and they all feel specially designed for this format.

There’s nothing about this song that feels like it was merely reassembled with prefabricated musical components. This is a fresh treatment of a signature serenade by a rising star in indie pop, and it should satisfy not only her fans and those of Rocky G but really anyone who loves high-end electronic music.


Sebastian Cole