This luxuriously mid tempo single “Angel Music Lover” will likely, to fully appreciate it, need to be heard in the context of its larger whole, a musical screenplay entitled Finding David, but is still quite enjoyable on its own. Davie Simmons, Andy Camp, and Esa Lehti collaborated in the 1960’s, didn’t find the much ballyhooed fame and fortune they hoped for, and eventually their professional paths diverged for a time, but one listen to this informs listeners that was never their end goal. Instead, “Angel Music Lover” makes it clear that connecting with audiences, making them a part of their experiences and artistic concerns, resided then and now first and foremost in their thoughts. We are lucky to share the experience.

Davie Simmons’ vocal has a stagy tenor to it, but it’s wholly appropriate for a song that clearly looks to relate with listeners in a storytelling fashion. There are no real singing pyrotechnics, no wide ranging high notes, or dramatic gimmicks – instead, Simmons goes for your heart and puts truth on the line. His unabashed talent for involving listeners with the emotional weather of this piece is one of its best elements and the words are more than apt for a singer who has clearly lived through the song, gets under its skin, and invites us to join his exploration.


The accompanying video for the track is an excellent taste of what the trio aspires to with this release and screenplay. However, the marquee element of what they offer is the musical arrangement and its flawless assemblage. “Angel Music Lover” sways and moves slowly to an inevitable finale, but the song’s parts are well oiled and never take chances with self indulgent nonsense. Lehti and Camp both prove to be every bit as crucial to the final tally as Simmons with percussion, subtle orchestration, and guitar playing that touches a variety of satisfying bases.

The lyrics take on potentially thorny topics with aplomb and, as well, features the same laser read on what the song needs. It’s impressive to consider this because of the time lapsing between the original incarnation of this work and others but it’s clear these musicians didn’t tarry in the intervening years and, instead, honed their craft to an impressive edge. Clocking in at three minutes, “Angel Music Lover” has a remarkable completeness and, undoubtedly, many listeners will find themselves hoping the song continues. It’s a polished sound and artistic vision from talented musicians long denied their due by simple twists of fate – let’s hope fortune smiles on them with this tune and they are accorded, at least, long overdue respect as first rate musical artists. Finding David and this single “Angel Music Lover” aren’t relics from a long bygone era peddled in a decidedly different time – instead, they are the obvious work of vital artists still engaged with writing the very best songs they can and playing with passion like their lives depend on the outcome. You cannot help but to admire that and hope for more.


Sebastian Cole

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