Dustyy Lane’s new single, “Now It’s Christmas” is an over the top smash from Dustyy Lane’s Magical Christmas. This is a Grammy quality number with no question about it, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it were nominated for one. This is a project with the two main components being Carl Roland and KLEO, both of which have extensive music careers making them perfectly compatible to work together. The outcome of their chemistry is outstanding, a thing as if they were always meant to be working together. Only the best results can be expected, and they above and beyond any and all expectations.

Both being songwriters, they also love the stage and constantly work on their original music, also releasing covers with videos that include “Havana Ooh Na-Na,” Justin Timberlake “Sexy Back,” just to give some examples the time they’re putting in to make Dustyy Lane Band their first-priority. It’s like two stars that can’t stop the magnetic forces from bringing their magic together. You can hear it in all their music and see it in their stage performance, and that includes more than one line-up on stage. “Now It’s Christmas” rates in front of the pack so far this year for Christmas music across mainstream and other radio friendly tracks.

URL: https://www.dustyylanebandlv.com/

It migt be a tall order when expressing how enormously satisfying this song turns out to be, but to be honest that’s all I can imagine any true music lover thinking, as long-as they let it define the mood and spirit of Christmas, which is what it’s supposed to be all about. If so, the song easily wins top marks with anyone open to it. Instead of being bombastic or boring, they kick it up in the most positive way, so much that it could become a classic in its own-right if it isn’t already, but they make the grade either way.

KLEO puts her cheerful stamp all over it with her sultry voice, possessed by only the best singers in the business. This isn’t just some average vocalist, she is the real deal and Carl Roland is equally skilled and compelling at all he does. The two are a match made in heaven if you ask any self- respecting pop, rock and soul music fans. I’m sure much more can be said about them if you dig deeper, but that’s the main consensus, and you can throw jazz and other genres in the mix too, because they have it all in their repertoire as the track shows. Seeing them perform it live is the only thing missing.

Two worlds collide with amazing power that should be celebrated, rather than kept secret, so this track speaks volumes to the masses on unity and the importance of it. KLEO is a force to reckon with, backed by the majesty of Roland’s musical prowess and they can’t seem to do any wrong no matter how you slice their work together, and this track will go far in further establishing them outside the west coast, but they’re in a great spot to globally spring from. “Now It’s Christmas” is a superior single release worth your time and money.

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Sebastian Cole

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