For centuries musicians have tried to capture that incredible feeling of being in love with the right person at the right time, and country singer Madelyn Victoria contributes her own interpretation of what it means to find that special someone in her new single “Right Here With You.” Utilizing her signature Texas drawl, she articulately dispenses pure poetry over a string arrangement that borrows from vintage Nashville and contemporary country rock equally, makes a strong impression in its own right and isn’t restricted by populist trends and fads of the moment. She bears her soul to us in this song and imparts something through her music that words alone just aren’t capable of describing.

Madelyn Victoria’s singing is the centerpiece of “Right Here With You,” but it in no way overshadows the opulence of the instrumentation, which is perfectly timed with her pendulous verses. The guitar riff that starts us off varnishes the melody in old school honky tonk but doesn’t overstate its presence as the light percussion creates a foundation for the beat. When Victoria starts to sing, the rhythm doesn’t modulate or shift; her stage has been set, and she joins in with the band seamlessly. The guitars get a little chunkier in the chorus, but the mix never lets them protrude from their spot into Victoria’s, which is cushioned by the bassline and the fragile, somewhat hallow drumming. Her vocals penetrate the percussion and echo between the beats as if to assert her dominance, but even if the production didn’t favor her singing as much as it does there’s no debating that she makes this song the sweet slice of country that it is.


In the lyrics of “Right Here With You,” Victoria tells us simply and plainly where she and her heart stand, and the relationship between this narrative and the brittle drumming is, to me, the most provocative thing this song has to offer. The percussion is steady and consistent, while her words are lush and self-sustaining. Almost like two lovers with different ways of expressing themselves to one another, the beat and the lyrics present us with two sides of the same coin – on the one hand the drums want us to follow their concrete path to salvation, and on the other the verses want us to take a leap towards eternal bliss on the strength of faith in Victoria. Together they help define the emotional texture of this single, and the parameters of finding (and holding onto) love to a greater extent.

Country music fans looking for an exciting and relatable sound to get the autumn rolling needn’t look further than what Madelyn Victoria has produced in “Right Here With You.” Sporting all the multifaceted elegance of a swaggering pop single with the earthy and genuinely organic passion of roots music and Americana, this is the sort of song that tells us more about the nature of the artist than it does the state of her scene. In this track she’s vulnerable, earnest and even a little playful. Above all else she sounds like she’s being herself with us, and amidst the industrial stagnation of modern music that makes her a true diamond in the rough.


Sebastian Cole