Since the dawn of time, music has been a means of connecting ordinary people with a sense of divinity otherwise unattainable on this earth. For singer/songwriter Michael Rainwood, there’s no better way for him to express his devotion to – and reliance upon – God almighty, who much like the music in his heart has always been there for him in times of strife and joy alike. His new single “I’ll Never Be Alone Again” captures the essence of his faith in Christ elegantly, utilizing his magnificent vocal abilities and slick knack for smooth harmonies wonderfully. This song was composed in the name of a higher power, but it tells us even more about the identity of its songwriter and his impressive talents behind the mic.

Rainwood’s voice is soft and tender, but the verses he dispenses are filled with strength and perseverance in the face of struggle. While not saturated with the sort of predictable rhythmic prose that has kept gospel music from breaking through the mainstream barrier in recent years, he isn’t shy about using imagistic lyrics and colorful metaphors to convey his deeper meaning here. In many ways, his vocal performance on this track is even more sonically evocative than the moving music that accompanies it is; he isn’t just singing these words to us, he’s imparting to us their emotional weight as well.


There’s nothing disingenuous in what “I’ll Never Be Alone Again” has to offer us; in fact, within the execution of the song itself there’s a few minor imperfections that, in my opinion, add to the homespun nature of the track. Rainwood’s vocal is a step ahead of the backing band, but rather that fracturing the flow of the song he creates this gritty texture that makes it sound like we’re listening to a live performance instead of a studio recording. The organic mix is sharp but somewhat unrefined, allowing us to really embrace the content of what the song is about instead of getting us transfixed on pointless cosmetics.

The acoustic guitar-driven melody and hollow percussion that punctuate it make for a stirring harmony that follows us from the moment we press play to the second that the music ceases. As rousing a ballad as this is though, it’s still really accessible pop/rock that I think could find an audience outside of the typical CCM crowd as well. Michael Rainwood is a devout Christian, but he gives just as much of himself over to the power of music in this song, which ironically celebrates his relationship with God but doesn’t overindulge in its grandiosity.

If you’re looking for uplifting music amidst the tough times that life has to throw at us, I highly recommend giving Michael Rainwood’s new single a spin. It’s got an infectious melodic core that once exposed becomes quite hard to resist, and it doesn’t take a degree in theology to understand just how sincere and committed to the subject matter its composer truly is. Mixed lightly with just a touch of pop polish applied to the surface, “I’ll Never Be Alone Again” is a treasure of a song in a sea of emotionless dribble, and despite the ambitious challenge it does the charming capabilities of Rainwood justice splendidly.


Sebastian Cole

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