Norm Adams and Julia Robertson come together to deliver a brand new Christmas jam just in time for the holiday season in the form of their new collaborative single “My Kinda Christmas.” In an era where commercialism has run rampant through the once sanctified realm of seasonal music, Adams and Robertson break away from the crowd and make a really strong pop song with a classic, wholesome holiday message. The melody is as sparkling as a snow globe and their gilded harmonies are enough to make even the most depressed characters among us crack a smile and relax near the glow of a winter fire.

The chemistry that Adams and Robertson share in this track is stylish, on-point and doesn’t feel artificially constructed in the least. Robertson adds a smooth melodicism to Adams’ tempered crooning, which is just as textured as the music is. Reminiscent of a sleigh ride, the beat is rollicking and full of buoyancy. A lot of modern Christmas songs tend to draw from the same well as the standards do structurally, but that isn’t the case here. The rhythm is familiar, but it’s highly stylized to suit the robust skillsets of the two talented vocalists.


There’s an urgent pace to “My Kinda Christmas” that is just as evocative as the plaintive lyrics are, and as we race through the opening percussion one can’t help but think of the rush of wrapping presents for loved ones just days before the big morning. We don’t get hung up on the galloping beat though; Adams and Robertson are far too magnetizing for that to happen. This song is built completely around their vocals, and there’s never any doubt about who the real stars of the show are. The back and forth dueling seductively captures our attention from the very start here, and never really lets us go even in the midst of the backing band’s intensity.

The lyrics, which center on the story of a pair of lovers stuck with the dilemma of figuring out how to spend their holidays, are conveyed through the jubilant, spirited singing of Adams and Robertson. They vividly take us to the places they’re describing in their majestic prose, whether it be the light-adorned palm trees of a tropical paradise or the comfy warmth of a snow covered house filled with family and friends. The mood and excitement of the season follows them and brings them closer together – which we can all agree makes up what Christmas is truly about.

It’s awfully hard to contribute a new classic to an intimidatingly powerful songbook of holiday hymns and harmonies, but that is precisely what Norm Adams and Julia Robertson have done with “My Kinda Christmas.” To put it simply, it’s a fun, lighthearted and easy-listening Christmas single that celebrates the sheer ecstasy that comes when spending the season with people who really matter the most to us. This is exactly the kind of music that inspires kids ages one to ninety two to trade in the stress and spending of the post-Thanksgiving rush for good times with loved ones and long forgotten melodies. Adams and Robertson got us a gift that we can open ahead of the 25th, and I highly recommend doing so if you’re a fan of solid seasonal pop music.


Sebastian Cole

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